I have come to realize how important the “dumping zone” of the house really is. I think this is our most drastic before and after of our home remodel projects.

Things are still getting dumped here. Just in a more organized and pretty manner. That makes all the difference.


The first thing we did was cut down the closet walls. I didn’t want a mudroom that looked like a closet turned mudroom. Plus I needed the extra room to make it feel more open.


Then he planked the walls, only vertical and closer together. The planks are varying sizes, such as 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch.


Then I plastered everything with white paint. Go figure. I used Benjamin Moore Super white, and the door is a slightly muddy gray.


Rather than adding built in open space, we found these pale yellow lockers on Ebay.


For more storage I took an old hamper from 7 years ago and painted it white.


My husband built some open shelving on top for me, to hide more stuff and to decorate a little.

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