Sharing how I keep this beautiful large single basin fireclay sink looking good and staying scratch and stain free.

PREVENTION The first thing to consider if you want a stain and scratch free sink, is prevention. Getting a metal rack that sits at the bottom of the sink is a game changer.

CLEAN THE SINK AFTER MEALS Taking a few seconds to spray down and rinse away the leftover grub sitting on the sink will keep it looking nice all day long and do wonders for preventing stains.

SIMPLE DAILY SCRUB I make it a point to remove the metal rack inside the sink, and give it a quick scrub down with a rag and a bit of dish soap.

NATURAL CLEANING SOLUTION FOR SINKS Sometimes, you need something stronger than soapy water to get your sink clean.

It’s this paste that comes in this little tub, called A-Ben-A-Qui.  It has no smell, and you just use a rag to wipe it on your surface, buff it around and rinse it off.

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