My Spring Home Tour

Today I am sharing bits of Spring touches in our bedroom and bathroom with you. No space in my home is safe from a seasonal refresh, and I don’t think yours should be either!

I’ve also came up with 3 Steps to Seasonal Decorating – to ensure your seasonal decor flows well with your home, feels natural, and doesn’t leave you anxious to take it all down.



Can you guess what my theme for this Spring Home Tour is? My husband and I had a good chat about how we felt a Spring home could reflect us. He decided he wanted the house to feel alive.

We love Spring time with a passion – so our theme is “Come Alive”. This theme reflects not only in our home decor, but also with some new goals and aspirations as well as some spiritual significance for us.


The hubs left this decision up to me – so I picked the colors that make me “Come Alive”. Just like a wedding, it really helps to choose specific colors when doing your seasonal decorating.


This also explains why I love to wash my home in white and neutrals for the basics. Then I can easily change out my color schemes to suit each season or whim.

I wasn’t too specific on EXACT colors, but I knew I wanted to embrace a cheerful blue and pink palate and knew I had the challenge of making sure that color combo didn’t look like a babies room.


Simplicity. sigh. I ache for it. I certainly don’t mean to knock anybody or any generation down – but have you ever been in a home that makes you feel suffocated with STUFF!?


I wanted to talk about how adding just a few quick and SIMPLE seasonal items is so easy and affordable to do when you are not surrounded by clutter. Just add a touch of flowers here and there.

Pull in some colorful candles from the dollar store to brighten up a little spot. Don’t be afraid to use faux foliage in your decor. It can still make a space feel alive, and it’s even better that you can’t kill it!

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