Our Old Fashioned Christmas Living Room

Take the tour inside our old fashioned Christmas living room, inspired by a Little Women Christmas!

You’ll see lots of handmade items, natural elements, pretty little bows and loads of fresh greenery.

I’d like to just take you through each little view of this space and share any details, sources and inspiration with you that helped me pull this space together just in time for Christmas.

My oldest daughter spent hours making these craft paper stars and watching Christmas movies. We got this idea when we saw little paper stars resting on the mantel in the 1990’s film version of Little Women.

The kids sat with me for 2 days Christmas crafting while I sewed up the perfect little linen stockings that I’ve dreamt of making for a long time. We all enjoyed carefully selecting Christmas items from our totes.

Our Nativity sets were certainly among those items! We thoroughly enjoyed an evening learning together how to make our own hand dipped beeswax taper candles full of old world charm.

We all went together into the mountains to cut down our Christmas trees. We got a tiny one for our living room, to rest on our 100 year old piano. The big tree went down the hallway.

Then the kids mostly watched as I sprinkled fresh cedar garland and linen ribbon bows in as many places as I could manage – just like I saw on Little Women.

It’s truly been a magical season for our family, and I’m glad I took the time to enjoy it.

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