Practical ideas for organizing your bathroom drawers and cupboards and some of my favorite supplies for a beautifully functional bathroom!

As I’ve learned the hard way, you can’t really expect drawers and cupboards to stay nice and tidy unless all the small items are corralled inside an organizing system of handy supplies and products.

PLASTIC STORAGE BIN CONTAINER These large and deep plastic bins work great to hold folded washcloths, female care needs, and hair products.

COMPARTMENTALIZED DRAWER ORGANIZERS Any sectioned drawer organizer will come in very handy to divide small parts, like cosmetics and hair supplies.

SEPARATED DRAWER ORGANIZERS I like to buy organizers that separate and move around to fill in the space completely inside my drawers.

DRAWER LINER Nothing is more annoying than having your organizers slide all over the place every time you open or close your drawers.

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