Our New Laminate Flooring Reveal

Take a tour through our home with our new laminate flooring – and then never underestimate the difference your floors can make!

THE DINING AREA I just couldn’t stand how the orange floors looked with the walls and hubby-built table.  I tried to make due with using a neutral jute rug, but this rug was a pain for all of us.

The kids would trip on it all the time, jute rugs leave lots of extra fuzzies and dust, and it stuck too far out into the walk-way.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to ditch the dining table rug, and allow this space to feel much much lighter.

THE ENTRY WAY I have always kept a rug in the entry way, but now I am having a really hard time wanting to cover up the flooring!

Come Winter we’ll have to, but for now I am truly enjoying the lighter and brighter look.

THE KITCHEN The kitchen area was the other shocker.  Even during the installation process, I knew this space was going to finally feel cohesive.

The lighter floors match the Coastal Farmhouse vibe much better, don’t you think?

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