Pure & Original Paint Review - Fresco And Marrakech


This is a company originating from Belgium and now available here in the US and Canada. I became obsessed with this company and their products around the time that we moved into our pole barn home.


Each kid has their own little cozy bed space. I wanted the wall color to be different, but complementary. I went with an earthy greige called “pebble stone” on my girl’s wall and bed frame and an earthy green/gray called “moonstone” on my boy’s wall and bed frame.

Applying Marrakech

We first needed to use their specially formulated Wallprim primer to cover the sheetrocked walls. Then we brushed and rolled on a thick layer of the Marrakech paint.


Once we let that dry and cure, then there is a bit of a messy part with the Marrakech paint. We took some 400 grit sandpaper and ever so lightly went and sanded and smoothed the walls.


This process really brings out more depth and texture but also leaves paint dust all around. Luckily these were just small spaces, so clean-up wasn’t too bad. Then after a curing period, we took their dead flat eco sealer and sealed the paint so it is washable and more durable.


We love the results! Check out the full tutorial below!

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