Red and Black Bedroom Ideas

Looking for black and red bedroom ideas? See the finished room makeover for my teen daughter’s red and black bedroom – a European vintage inspired space.

Get ideas for how to decorate a bedroom with the main colors red and black, and my tips on how to design a space for your opinionated teenager – that you will love too!


TIP #1: LISTEN TO THEIR WANTS When I started to work with what she wanted, she was thrilled! Much better than the sense of resentment I was getting before I decided to listen.


TIP #2: FIND COMMON GROUND Once I built the base of the room in her preferences, we were able to sprinkle in texture and vintage items that spoke beautifully to the both of us. It was SO. MUCH. FUN.


TIP #3: SHOP TOGETHER I know this room means more to her because I let her be involved, and I know we will both always treasure the room and the process.


TIP #4: PRE-SELECT AND REFINE THEIR CHOICES It was important that I take my knowledge of design concepts and refine her choices. I also had to make them work with our budget for the space.


TIP #5: SURPRISE THEM I gave her a box by her bed for her scriptures and kindle. I picked out a lamp and added fresh florals to make the space feel extra cozy when she walked in.


I applied a white board and cork board to the walls in her closet – which was one of her first request for her space.

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