I am thrilled to share some lovely, dreamy and cozy things with you!  First up, I have the step-by-step tutorial for my linen ruffle pillow sham – which many of you have asked for.

SUPPLIES FOR 1 PILLOW SHAM: - 2 Yards of Fabric - Pillow insert - All sewing supplies and thread to match

INSTRUCTIONS: To begin, you are actually going to make a simple envelope back pillow cover, and then you stitch the ruffles on.  

To do this, you are simply going to lay your fabric over the top of the pillow insert and determine what size to cut the fabric.  This tailored method will give you a much better fit and look.

You’ll first need a complete rectangular piece for the top of the pillow.  Allow about 1 1/2 inches around the edges of the pillow for your seam allowance.

At this point, you can set your pillow insert to the side.  You will now cut the back pillow cover pieces.

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