Split Bathroom Design Ideas & Room Reveal

Do you need multiple people to share a bathroom space? Check out how we designed our split bathroom to work for our four kids and avoid bathroom chaos!

What is a split bathroom?

It is exactly what the name implies where you split the bathroom with a door to designate privacy and certain functions.

There might be several ways to do this, but in our modern-day, the most common is to separate the toilet and maybe the shower and/or tub area from a bathroom vanity “getting ready” area.

The “Getting Ready” Area

Starting with what we like to call the “getting ready” area, let’s look at what we’ve done. You’ll notice this big long bathroom vanity, but if you look close enough you can tell it is actually two smaller vanities placed together.

Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Moving on, this vanity mirror was also a custom build. We framed it out with a slim piece of walnut wood.

Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

We have some really pretty brass lighting in here that fills the space with light. The bathroom doesn’t actually have any direct natural light, which is the biggest downside of this space.

Bathroom Flooring

In the getting ready area, I’ve used square travertine tile with thick grout lines and that blends into small rectangle travertine tiles in the other bathroom space.

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