DIY Shop Worktable

This rolling shop worktable is designed to hold and store your saws, compressors and other cutting and drilling tools. It will provide a convenient surface for wood cuts and building applications.

This shop worktable or workbench is built on a rolling base with a lower shelf. This lower shelf is great for holding onto your air compressors and hoses, and other tools while you work on a project.

The table top is built with a couple of drawers to keep screws and other small parts within handy reach.

Between the drawers is a spot measured to fit a Miter saw with ample room for rotation.

A custom shelf was built to hold the table saw, making it flush with the table top and allowing plenty of surface space for making cuts.

We installed a power strip to the side of the worktable to provide plenty of places to hook up power to the saws and other power tools.

Having struggled to find a convenient way to build in a garage space, this rolling shop worktable solves a lot of problems for us.

It can easily be rolled into it’s storage spot when not in use, or rolled outside the garage to avoid too much dust collection inside the garage while working on a project.

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