8 Solutions Learned the Hard Way

HIGHLY recommend calling in the professionals to handle this stinky job. They know just how to get your black and gray tanks flushed and ready for a "fresh start".

We keep this fan on 24/7. It never gets turned off because it does THAT good of a job. You can feel it suck and remove all air from the RV and ALL that stinky air.

3) Redirect Vent Pipe Air Flow

Our RV bathroom fan was right next to the black tank vent pipe. The smells exiting the vent pipe were just seeping back in because it was so close to the bathroom fan. So we installed a pipe redirect!

4) Empty Black Tank Frequently

Sure, you need sufficient (cough) um... stuff... (cough) in your black tank before emptying, but be sure to empty it frequently. Don’t let it overflow (trust me) and get it as empty as possible.

After every dump, you need to add plenty of water to the black tank and a new treatment. Our RV tech highly recommended an Enzyme based treatment.

You need to start your tank off with water and flush with lots and lots of water. Our RV tech was so kind to have us imagine what happens when you put peanut butter in a dry jar.

It won't automatically do this like a residential toilet and the smells from the black hole of doom will leach right back up and out almost immediately. Keep water in the toilet AT ALL TIMES!

It is meant to break down easily and will be the key to preventing black tank clogging nightmares and RV odors.