Split Bathroom Design Ideas

Do you need multiple people to share a bathroom space? Check out how we designed our split bathroom to work for our four kids and avoid bathroom chaos!


It is exactly what the name implies where you split the bathroom with a door to designate privacy and certain functions.

For the space we had here and considering the needs of our 4 kids, we split our bathroom so the shower/tub was with the toilet and included a simple sink vanity area.

The other part of the bathroom has a lot of countertop space, one small sink, a giant mirror and loads of storage.

This is basically the designated “getting ready” area. Whether it is night or morning, we can have someone in the shower or going to the bathroom, another out here brushing their teeth.

BATHROOM VANITY MIRROR This vanity mirror was also a custom build. We framed it out with a slim piece of walnut wood.

BATHROOM LIGHTING FIXTURES We have some really pretty brass lighting in here that fills the space with light.

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