Split Bathroom Design Ideas And Room Reveal

Check out how we designed our split bathroom to work for our four kids and avoid bathroom chaos!

WHAT IS A SPLIT BATHROOM? The most common is to separate the toilet and maybe the shower and/or tub area from a bathroom vanity “getting ready” area.

For the space we had here and considering the needs of our 4 kids, we split our bathroom so the shower/tub was with the toilet and included a simple sink vanity area.

The other part of the bathroom has a lot of countertop space, one small sink, a giant mirror and loads of storage.

THE “GETTING READY” AREA Whether it is night or morning, we can have someone in the shower or going to the bathroom, another out here brushing their teeth, one might be doing their hair.

I actually only wanted one sink in this room because I knew with three girls, we would need more countertop space for curling irons, blow dryers, makeup, brushes, you name it.

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