After the realization that chippy furniture, blue and white color schemes, and pretty chandeliers were not exactly the key elements we were looking for.

5 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS FOR INSPIRATION AND PRODUCTIVITY IN THE OFFICE So whether you have a dedicated work space at home, or your own office at work, think about making sure these 5 elements find their way into your space every day.

1 – INSPIRING SURROUNDINGS Whatever is inspiring to you, be sure to include it in your office.

For me, the number one inspiring item in my office is this old tattered rose painting I found for a steal at an antique store.

2 – THE BREATH OF LIFE To make our home office space feel more fresh for Spring, I bought a plant from the nursery and placed it into an old pot.

3 – ORGANIZATION I divided the “stuff” into sections and made a list of all the categories they went under.  Then using my favorite label maker, I put the clear labels in a visible but conspicuous spot.

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