Star Spangled Wood Tray

A simple handcrafted potato stamp and an old piece of wood come together to make the perfect patriotic star spangled wood tray. A subtle touch of patriotism for your decor.

With patriotic holidays fast approaching, it’s time to pull out our stars and stripes.


– Old piece of wood – Craft paint of choice – Foam brush – Potato – Star template – Handles


To make your potato stamp, simply place your paper star template on top of a potato cut in half. With a pairing knife, cut around the star shape leaving the shape itself raised from the rest of the potato.


Lightly brush paint on the star stamp and stamp it on to the wood. I found I like to dab the stamp on paper towel first, so the actual stamp on the wood looked slightly more faded and worn like the wood itself.


After all the stamping has dried, sand it lightly and screw on your handles.

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