The Summer Child Home Tour Highlights

Initially, when I sat down to envision what a summer home looked like to me, it was filled with the carefree Summer child. It wasn’t about the home decor, props, the vignettes, the staging.

It was about the life, the laughter, and the lazy afternoons, that fill a beautiful home during those Summer months. I love love love those moments.

So today, I’m sharing with you The Summer Child Home Tour. I hope you enjoy this brief glimpse at what our home accurately looks like during the Summer.

Who doesn’t love a slow-paced morning and lounging in pajamas until noon? This girl truly soaks it in during the Summer.

It fills my mama’s heart to see the kids get to play together more often whether that be outdoors or in our living room. We try our hardest not to fill our days too full, and enjoy things like play-dough, ice cream, and creating.

My oldest has been working her hardest to make hats for the local Family and Child Center. The Summer days have allowed her to make 5 already! So proud of her.

Our little guy pretty much stares outside all day, longing to go out. I try to distract him with a vacuum, which is his favorite toy of choice. Have at it boy!

These 2 are the best little buds and love to have the extra time to play together.  I often find them in la-la land and it is so entertaining to listen to their stories.

But I’ve learned to truly appreciate the help of an older child in the home. As a mother of 4, Summertime proves to be the busiest season trying to keep up with everything, but moments like these help keep me together.

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