Summer Home Tour Living Room Decorating Ideas

Our Summer Tours for our home represent a season of simplicity, light and airy, and low-maintenance decor, as Summer should be.

I wanted this to be a beautiful summer to remember and since my mind goes a million miles an hour and my body is always multi-tasking, I knew this word had to be large, in charge, and in my face.

But I have to tell you, to be able to relax is something I want to do so very very badly. So bad I made it the theme of my beautiful home decor for summer . . . or lack of decor.

I went on a de-clutter rampage to minimize, simplify, and enjoy a low-maintenance environment as my summer decorating idea. All to. . . Relax.


It’s Summer! Who wants to use any relaxing energy on fluffing pillows, propping blankets just right, or fussing with perfection – especially when the kids will most likely destroy it in seconds?

Not me! So I picked neutral pillows and blankets that can be swapped around without bothering me, and even look pretty on the floor. I took away anything from this space that wasn’t needed, and I kept decor at an absolute minimum.


I made a personal commitment to myself that I would not buy a single thing. Unless it was fresh flowers from the market . . . those don’t count . . . those help me relax.

When most seasons come around, I like to purchase a few new things to spice a room up and add a pop of color, but I felt like it was not needed in the Summer. Money should and will be spent elsewhere – like creating family memories.


That’s right. You have my permission to borrow my word of the season. Feel free to even make a giant chalkboard in any color to plaster the word on it for your front door, dining room, or somewhere else in your house.

Shoot, even go ahead and watch your muscular stud of a husband almost kill himself trying to hang it and stand back in amazement as he sketches the word surrounded by beautiful botanicals on top of a ladder while straddling stairs.

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