Shared Bedroom Ideas For Boy And Girl 

I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of this nature-inspired bedroom for two of my kids, and now I am ready to share the entire finished space with you.

Let’s dive into the details of my little boy and girl’s shared bedroom. It’s full of natural textures, several cozy nooks, and crannies, a fun play loft. This space is just loaded with playful old-world character.


The nature-inspired theme for this space was very much inspired by the personalities of both my little boy and little girl. They love being outdoors! They both love earthy colors, such as greens, blues, and yellows.

Both of them are adventurous, sweet, and playful, and I desperately wanted to create a room for them that brought all that in. But I also wanted to provide a room that would transition easily, as they are both growing too quickly.


In this boy and girl shared bedroom, our goal was also to maximize the space as much as possible.

We were inspired to add square footage to the room by going up. It was easy to do that since we have 12-foot ceilings. Mr. TIDBITS used walnut wood to build this loft and banister. He did an incredible job, considering he had never built one before!


We installed this Sunflower Trail Wallpaper next to my daughter’s bed. She is sunshine, yellow lovin’ happy soul, so she loves it!


We also purchased linen duvet covers with brown stripes and blue stripes as well as down comforters. They helped add comfort to the beds and texture to the design.

Then their beds were layered with these decor pillows: denim blue pillow with dots, black striped pillow, green textures hemp pillows, and this yellow tassel pillow.

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