How I Regrets On My Living Room Design

I would love to share with you 6 of the design regrets I have for our living room space, to help you think through your own design decisions!

When I share my design regrets it is not to say I dislike or am ungrateful for our home! We have just designed and built a pole barn home by ourselves from the ground up.


We have the most incredible valley view out our main window! We installed the biggest window we fathomed we could put in the space, but our regret is that we opted for a double opening window and top grids.

That leaves a lot of seams, plastic bars and lines that obstruct our beautiful view. This is a hard thing to swap out and remedy, since it is structural. We wish all the time we would have just installed a large window without grids or even opening mechanisms.


This positioned the laundry/mudroom through a little walk-way to get through the living room and kitchen, since we had to combine the mudroom locker storage with the laundry room.

For some reason, I didn’t think that would be that big of a problem for my kids to walk a way to put their shoes and coats away. It was a huge problem! There were shoes and coats always flopped on the floor making the biggest mess in our living space.

Luckily, we have found a way to remedy this and have simply framed in under our large wrap around porch and are now constructing a nice storage room with cabinets, mudroom and an office for me!


 I fell in love with Sixpenny furniture because of their 100% linen slipcovers. I saved my pennies and waited a long time to get them. They are beyond beautiful, but they are unfortunately pretty uncomfortable.

I regret not choosing furniture that I had the chance to sit in first or could find enough reviews to where I felt confident they would be beautiful AND comfortable for my family.

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