My Best Tips For Cleaning A Fireclay Sink

Sharing how I keep this beautiful large single basin fireclay sink looking good and staying scratch and stain free.

I’m happy to report these 5 successful solutions, that have kept our sink looking brand new while dealing with the needs of a busy home and even after having harsh stains.


The first thing to consider if you want a stain and scratch free sink, is prevention. The best way to deal with a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place, right?

Getting a metal rack that sits at the bottom of the sink is a game changer. For our BLANCO sink, the metal rack came with the sink as an accessory, and it is made to fit perfectly.


After each meal, I find food scraps floating around the sink left from food prep and waste being dumped inside or rinsed off from the plates. I’ve found that leaving them to sit for hours will increase my chances that they will stain the bottom.

Even if you don’t do all the dishes right away after each meal, taking a few seconds to spray down and rinse away the leftover grub sitting on the sink will keep it looking nice all day long and do wonders for preventing stains.


Next to my nightly ritual of having a soothing cup of herbal tea, I make it a point to remove the metal rack inside the sink, and give it a quick scrub down with a rag and a bit of dish soap.

I’ll be sure to do a quick scrub on the sides and front, rinse the soapy water down and replace the rack. You can even train your kids and spouse to do this if they are on dish duty.

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