Top 10 Elements of a Light and Bright Space

Do your eyes gravitate to white spaces? Do you long for a brighter home? Consider these 10 elements of a light and bright space to see how I create this effect in our surroundings.

I hope these suggestions will aid you in creating your own serene and uplifting surroundings.


In a perfect world, every room in every home would have a window. Am I right? No lightbulb could ever come close to feeling as good as sunlight streaming through a window.


If you have a say, try to ensure the most lived in rooms have natural light. We even went as far as installing a small window in our small bathroom, above the shower walls.


Mirrors come in handy to bounce light around a space, making the space feel larger and brighter and offer continuance of mind. I love to keep an eye out at thrift and antique shops for beautifully framed mirrors to add to rooms.



When possible, try to arrange the layout of each room so that the eye and foot traffic can move through the center.


We’ve played around with furniture layouts multiple times in our living room, and it always feels bigger and brighter when the center of the room is open.

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