Toy Storage Treasure Chest

Contain the kid mess functionally and beautifully with this DIY Toy Storage Treasure Chest. Free building plans included!

Our little boy came after our 3 girls. He loves to find and collect “things”. Part of navigating the boy world has been teaching him that he cannot keep everything.


We really lacked a solution for this, until my husband decided to build him a big toy box of sorts, in the form of a treasure chest.


We don’t have a ton of space in our rental home, so my little boy had to help me go through and keep only his favorite toys and collections.


We cleaned it down to some rock collections, super hero’s, paw patrol stuffies, figurines, micro machines and other fun things he regularly plays with.


The top sectioned tray easily lifts out and that is where we keep his very special collection of “old trucks”.


We stained and sealed the wood in one step with my favorite white wash wax. Then we searched online for some unique hardware and handles to add our own unique look to this treasure chest.


His little room in our rental is simple but sweet, with items that each have a story on their own. A teddy that I found right after he was born.

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