How to Make Botanical Wood Slices: A Unique Home Decor Idea

These botanical wood slices are such a fun and easy craft and can be used in so many ways. This tutorial includes the how-to for transferring any image from your inkjet printer onto wood.

I came up with the idea of making these botanical wood slices on a day while admiring my neighbors yard with all her flowers blooming and not a weed in sight.


1. Wax paper  2. Tape 3. Scissors 4. Credit Card 5. Standard printer paper


First of all, cut a piece of wax paper the same size as your standard printer paper. Overlap the wax paper about an inch over the top of the printer paper.

Fold the extra edge over to the back side of the printer paper and tape it securely down. You only need to tape on the top edge that will be feeding into the printer.


Place this paper into your printer paper feed so that the wax side will be the one printed on. This is different for all printers so experiment if you need to figure out your specific printer.

Print your botanical image and carefully remove the print from the printer. You really have to be so careful to not let that image smudge on anything. It is wet ink just sitting on top of the wax and if you all but breath on it wrong, it could smear.


It’s best to handle this image as little as possible, but I found it easier to cut my image out carefully before the transfer. Keep in mind, you cannot touch that ink at all.


Figure exactly where you want the image and set it down without moving it around. I found it easier to set it in place and use my pointer finger in the center to keep it from shifting.

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