Watercolor Pennant Banner – {Kids Craft}

If you or your child have never tried these watercolor cakes, you are in for a real treat. They are nothing like the typical Crayola paints children normally use.

If you need a little mommy and me creativity time, this pennant banner is a super simple craft you can pull together with just a few supplies (which you might already have at home).

1. Watercolor paints 2. Brush 3. Clean water 4. Cut out pennants from Cardstock 5. String or Ribbon



If you are using these watercolor cakes, you simply wet the paint by dipping your brush in clean water and running it along the color.


The pigment and water clings to the brush, and you can stroke the brush in the tray opposite the paint and it will build up inside the tray. Keep doing this until you’ve filled the small spot for the paint, as much as you would like.


You just have to teach your child to dip their brush from the tray and not the paint itself. Then you won’t be mixing colors. But you can mix your own pigments on the tray, which is super fun.


After your banner is painted and dry, simply add hole punches and thread some string or ribbon through.

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