10 Ways To Add Character To Your Home

Do you love a cookie cutter house or are you desperate for a home with more character? No matter what you live in, here are 10 ways to create a place that is uniquely yours. Let me share how to add character to your home.

I hope these 10 ways to add character to your home will help you rethink your spaces and create a home that speaks to you.


Take your time to curate the items that speak to you and find the best bargain. Then thoughtfully mix and match them to have your room explode with character.


The best part of this decorating method is that things can move around in your home and refreshing a space can be completely free and fun. Go with a common theme or style throughout your home and items will move seamlessly.


It’s funny that I am going to bring my mom up, because apparently we have completely different styles. I do remember her always craving symmetry. Her house and landscaping was perfectly symmetrical.


I however, find asymmetry so interesting to look at.  Don’t be afraid to purposefully unbalance decor on shelves and in room layouts. It’s another way to bring a more curated look to your home.


Admittedly, I’m bad at adding family photos to a home, but it’s the homes with loved ones on the walls that warm the soul. Let’s make it a yearly goal to display our greatest blessings for all to see.


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