Ways to Cut, Hone and Install Marble

Taking you through the process of cutting, honing, and installing marble yourself, so you can have marble or stone without the high cost of fabrication.


1. Skilsaw 2. Diamond blade 3. Water bottle  4. Hand-held grinder 5. Caulk gun


CUTTING YOUR MARBLE Always cut top-down and never horizontally as the marble will break and trap the saw blade or fall – which could be very dangerous.


FINISHING YOUR MARBLE This particular marble slab was sold as a honed piece of marble, versus a polished finish. In a nutshell, you can polish your marble surface which gives it a more glossy surface, or choose a honed finish that is more of a matte finish.

Using a grinder, start with the lowest number pad and start to shape and smooth the surface of the marble. Due to the relative softness of marble, a 50 grit won’t take long to grind down so don’t sit in one spot for very long.


INSTALLING YOUR MARBLE To install the marble on the backsplash, we built wood support and just use a caulk gun and a tube of adhesive designed for tile or marble.

We spread the caulk/adhesive on the surface where the slab will be going and firmly press the marble in place. On our wall, we used screws in the corner to keep the marble in place while the adhesive cured.

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