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Why not drag it out one more time.

I thought I would show you my attempts at getting all 3 of them together for a few shots in their pretty white dresses.

Getting them all to do exactly what you want at the same time is virtually impossible, I’ve decided.

Those two fight like cats and dogs most the time.

The oldest one is usually trying to take my place as mother to her baby sister.

And those two can be the best of friends.

I tell ya, with 3 girls, my hands feel pretty full.
As does my heart.

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  1. hello
    I found you blog today I love your style is very close with what I like…I am a DIY all the way …I like to paint,fix organize on very small budget Like you..and I have 3 girls too..we live in Canada…but we moved here from a small country in Europe…we came just us 2 and now we are 5…..I like to take pictures at some of my projects but I don’ t have the courage to start a web site…I saved you in my favourites I will definitely come back to read your posts .

  2. Those pictures are wonderful. I don't know how you can help not loving them they are so adorable. Hopefully as they younger two grow up they will get along better for you.