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I was just discussing this topic with a friend.  Sometimes, having good style can be a curse.  

Like when you walk into the outdated dentist office surrounded by 90’s Forest Green and mauve plaid furniture.  It takes my fear of the dentist to a whole new level.

Or being asked your opinion on someones makeover and all you can manage to do is bite your tongue.

Good style comes at a cost . . . you wish to see beauty in everything.  Become a DIY’er and your mind will never rest thinking of all the changes you could make to the world around you.

Yes, good style is a curse, and these ladies I wish to share with you today have it bad! Bless their souls!

I’ve been invited today to share some ideas and inspiration with 5 other women – women with impeccable style.  Women who have been my creative heroines for a long long time.

So, my friends with style (yes, I know that is you dear reader, even if life’s restrictions keep you from embracing it at the moment), sit back and enjoy a Saturday cruise through some beautiful, inspiring, and creative styling shared on these blogs, for your enjoyment.

Then would you do me a favor? Leave a comment below and let me know about a woman in your life (friend, family, blogger, designer) whose style you admire and love. Then tell me what you love about them! Your comments so inspire me!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Tidbits | RV Renovation


Designthusiasm | How I Transformed My Dining Room without Replacing the Furniture

Spring Decorating Ideas Dining Room -

On Sutton Place | Small Foyer Decor for Summer

Summer Foyer Decor from On Sutton Place

Shabbyfufu | Decorate For Summer With Coastal Colors


So Much Better With Age | Mother’s Day Painted Vase


StoneGable | Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day

LILAC TABLE-white creamer-stonegableblog

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  1. Hi Cami,
    I actually admire your style more than pretty much anyone i know. I love the clean, soft, romantic tones you use… I am quite style challenged myself–as well as financially challenged, so I pretty much settle for clean! LOL Happy Mother’s Day early!

  2. Dear Sweet Lady , You are the most sweetest person I have come across your way and smile , makes me so want to live small you have such wonderful style and it shines . Trying to down size to small but cost is more where we live so I dream through you and your vision, keeep sending it all love your little place its great you guys have done a wonderful job . Gods blessings always . Dina

  3. I admire my mother’s decor style so much. Sad I didn’t get much of it. Lol. She can look around and pull together an amazing tablescape together with bits of nature that you can just stare at forever and see new details!
    We’re loving your blog on the RV. Our daughter will be moving into one in June, and we need to redecorate it for sure!

  4. I like your style. Especially with what you have done in your RV to make it an inviting home for your family. Your design looks clean, pretty and decorated without being cluttered.

  5. Shabbyfufu definitely ! She doesn’t clutter – everything looks fresh , airy , clean and I could just feel the soft summer beach breeze from her decor. Hope this helps .