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30 Pants in 30 Days

Pant Project #21

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Here is some more yummy knit fabric that was just begging to be pants.

One of these days I am going to stop sewing for my girls long enough to make some of these for myself.

This brand new sweater that my husband bought from Old Navy on clearance somehow didn’t like his body any more when it came home. I would complain about this, but I do it all the time.

What I loved about the fabric (besides being soft and perfectly stretchy) was it was lined with a darker gray inside. After cutting out my pattern pieces I serged each piece together with the lining before I sewed it up.

I used another knit shirt to make the yoga style waistband. And if you are looking way too close at my pictures, those are a couple of gathers on the waistband that shouldn’t be there.

It was late. Oh well.

The unintentional gathers don’t seem to stop her any from wanting to wear them every day.

Who could blame her! Super comfy! And I love how the darker gray peeks out at the hem.

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