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I received a lovely package in the mail.  
I thought I would share its goodness with you, and what I did with it.
In the package, I found several colorful paints.
And a handful of adorable silk screen designs.
The company sent me their newest line called Zip Screens to try out and spread the word.  
Free craft projects?  Yes please!
I did a couple of things with them already – though many more ideas have filled my head.
I was in need of a birthday present for my 11 year old nephew, so I found an inexpensive and plain wallet.  I would have made one, but you can read my last post to see why I didn’t.
I slapped my skull silk screen on the wallet.  Opened up the blue paint and started spreading it on.
I pealed off the screen and WALLA!  A 5 minute, wallet spruce up.  So easy and so stylish.
But this is not all I did with my fun little package. is a company geared to teenagers and young adults.  So I thought I would test it out on that age group and see how they responded.

I snagged my favorite babysitter for my girls from across the street.  We brainstormed and decided she needed a new tote bag to carry all her goodies in that she brings when she babysits.  This girl means business.

I told her how the products worked and let her play.

I had a great time chatting with her while she painted up her bag.

They were perfectly easy for her to use, and yet there were plenty of options for her to run with her own creativity.  Some of the Zip Screen stencils worked best if she taped around it so it didn’t run off where she didn’t want it.

Most of the designs come on a single sheet but they are easily cut up to use separately.  The best thing about them is that the screens are re-usable.  We used some at least 3 times and they were still sticking on securely even after a good wash.

After she decorated the fabric, I taught her how to sew up a simple tote.  I enjoy teaching kids how to sew much more than sewing for myself.  It is such a joy to see them so pleased with learning and creating.

I can see Zip Screens being great for any kind of party or gathering for teens.  It is so easy and the results are flawless!
Head to your nearest Wal-Mart to find your Zip Screens! 

Check out Fashion Art Projects on pinterest too, for more fun ideas.

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