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Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh

*Joining in on the Seasonal Simplicity Home Tour group.  Welcome everyone who just came from Rachel’s home, from Maison de Pax.  I just spent time with her in person at a conference this past weekend, and she is even more delightful than her stunning home!  To see all the Spring home tours, be sure to make it to the bottom of this post.

When I get stumped on what to write with a post, I’ll ask Mr. TIDBITS to help me get the writing juices flowing.  He then inundates me with questions until we both feel like we’ve found a helpful topic of conversation.  As we discussed how I added a few very very very simple Spring touches into this workspace, we began thinking about the important elements of a home office that cultivate inspiration and productivity.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh

After the realization that chippy furniture, blue and white color schemes and pretty chandeliers were not exactly the key elements we were looking for (though helpful, I’m sure), we did narrow it down to a list of . . .


So whether you have a dedicated workspace (small or large) at home or your own office at work, think about making sure these 5 elements find their way into your space every day.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh


Whatever is inspiring to you, be sure to include it in your office.

white flower on jar with water inside office

For me, the number one inspiring item in my office is this old tattered rose painting I found for a steal at an antique store.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh tattered rose painting

It is a beauty for my eyes and speaks to my soul.  Art is always a way to foster inspiration when needed, but there are other ways as well.

I keep a collection of curated trinkets and office necessities out where I can see and enjoy looking at them.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh trinkets and office necessities in  blue farmhouse organizer

I even try to make the necessary items as beautiful as possible.  My daughter needed a place to hold her violin music while she played (which she does in the office), and I fell so in love with this chippy bookstand from an antique store.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh bookstand

Inspiring surroundings can also be in the books and literature you place in the space.  For me, a reminder to read from scripture daily is placed where I can see it.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh white book organizer

As well as educational and motivational books and resources at handy reach.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh cabinet organizer for books

Make a list of things that feed your curiosity and enlighten your senses to create inspiration on every turn.


I hear all the time how statistics show greater productivity when plants and nature are placed in the office spaces.  Take notice of this fact as you walk into office spaces around you.  You can usually find at least one plant, and for good reason.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh

To make our home office space feel fresher for Spring, I bought a plant from the nursery and placed it into an old pot.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh

It’s amazing what a difference that made in the space almost instantly.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh

Simple grocery store florals or even faux florals are better than nothing.  Give it a try and see if it boosts your spirits when the work gets grinding.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh table and chair


Not much kills productivity more than a disorganized space.  Trust me, I know this concept well.  When Mr. TIDBITS made this 18 drawer apothecary cabinet, I just started filling it up with whatever and doing lots of shoving and stuffing.  It hid the clutter great, but I could never find what I needed.

So I took everything out of the drawers and mapped out a more organized system.

unorganized drawers and items (before picture)

Once it was all back in place, we can now find exactly what we are looking for in a fraction of the time.  Let me show you what I started doing.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh after organization and design

I divided the “stuff” into sections and made a list of all the categories they went under.  Then using my favorite label maker, I put the clear labels in a visible but conspicuous spot.

closeup of book drawer

I haven’t perfectly organized the insides of each drawer yet, but for now, they are categorized and easy to find and put away.

closeup of office supplies label

Having 18 drawers at your disposal sounds pretty awesome, but when you have to play the old memory game to find something, 18 drawers can be your undoing.

Now when the little preschooler and I need to do some homeschooling, he knows just which drawer to find the lesson for the day.

closeup of inside of desk with books and art supplies

By the way, The Good and the Beautiful is an incredible homeschool curriculum for all ages.  I use and love it for my preschooler, and then I’m excited about summer to dive into the History and Science curriculum with my older kids.  They go to public schools, but I like to supplement their education with topics that I feel are lacking.  This curriculum makes that easy.  I highly recommend it if it sounds like something you are interested in.

I digress . . . get your office space organized, labeled, and with a workflow system and you’ll find inspiration and productivity come very naturally.

closeup of sewing label for drawer


No one can feel good at work if they are uncomfortable.  I adore our soft and supportive office chairs (shop the look below) and have my computer screen raised high to help me sit up straight and my neck upright.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh office chairs

The kids often work or create beside me, so it was helpful to have a surface for them at a comfortable distance from me, without being right in my workspace.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh table and chair

I think investing in items that will aid in bodily comfort is well worth the investment in an office.

Now lastly . . .


Papers, office supplies, stacks of this, and that can quickly take over a workspace.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh work area
Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh

I try so very hard to clean up all my tabletop surfaces at the end of the day, or before I start to work.  Not all personalities work like this, but for me, a cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind.

Cottage Farmhouse Home Office Spring Refresh

It helps to take 5 minutes to clean and tidy before sitting down to work.

So do you agree with my 5 essential elements for inspiration and productivity in the office??  Could you add them to the list??  Could these concepts work for every space in the home, do you think??

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

For those anxious to know, here are my resources for the items you see in the images above.  Please keep in mind, some items were found thrifting, antiquing, or are DIY.

*Affiliate links included.  Thank you!



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Big thanks go to my friend Krista from The Happy Housie for organizing this fun event!  Sweet Annie from Zevy Joy is up next in the loop, or you can click around below.



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  1. The onset of spring brings anticipation of warm weather, sunny skies and the transformation of barren trees to full foliage. Decorating your office for spring means incorporating the highlights of the season into your space without obstructing workflow. Desktop floral arrangements, pots of scented potpourri and lush green topiaries suit this purpose best.

  2. Thanks from my heart for best sharing. I have been suffering for a few days to clean & maintenance because of recently have completed my office remodeling work. It was helpful to me.

  3. Cami, this space is so fabulous with all of its features. I always fall in love with light colors in creative spaces. Artwork, design and furniture all should have lighter shades.

  4. I totally agree with this. I always wanted to surround my office space with things that always inspire me, and that is any stuff that is vintage. Oh how I wish to find things “vintage” around the area. Anyways, thanks for sharing this! Cheers!

  5. Gorgeous office, Cami, and fabulous tips! I love how light, bright, airy and clean it feels – perfect for inspiration and working in! So glad you could be part of this tour series!

  6. Your home is gorgeous Cami and I’m so jealous about your office! You’ve styled it perfectly, my friend! I also can’t wait to hear all about your trip!
    Hugs, Jamie

    1. Wish you could have been at the conference with us! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Always love hearing from you!

  7. Such a bright and gorgeous space, Cami! So fresh and clean – perfect for Spring! It was great seeing you this weekend!

    1. Thank you for saying so Jen!! It was so great to see you again. One of these times we will actually have time to sit and chat! Thanks for coming by!!