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Antique Nightstand Makeovers

It has been awhile since I shared our progress on our Master Bedroom with you.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t coming along 😉

It just means that I got a bit distracted with other blogging collaborations and opportunities and ideas – and life (to say the least) – so it hasn’t gone as fast as I hoped.  However, I am very pleased with the progress we have made and I’ve got just a few more things to finish up before the final shots and completion.

Today I want to show you the nightstands we found and fixed up to suit the space.  I picked both of them up at antique stores, for actually really good deals.  They had the shapes I wanted, just not the colors.  Nothing a bit of chalk paint can’t fix!

Here is a picture of my $30 French Provincial nightstand before it got painted.

Antique Nightstand Makeovers

Minus the drawers – and I already had paint on the top when I remembered the before picture.  But you get the idea, right?  It has lovely curved legs and great storage for all my husbands crap . . . er . . . stuff.

Antique Nightstand Makeovers

I discovered Rust-oleum’s new chalk paint line at my local paint store and the price was great so I snagged it up.  The color is linen white – which seems to be white with just a bit of brown/gray tones.

Antique Nightstand Makeovers

I sanded the piece lightly before I applied the paint.  But I thought this chalk paint went on very smoothly and only took 2 coats for full coverage.

I scuffed her up just a bit – but not too much.

Antique Nightstand Makeovers

I am really trying to aim at a very uncluttered/minimalist approach to our master bedroom.  I want this one space in our home to be a retreat from mess and too much stuff – which is easy to come by in a house with 4 kids.  I’ve made it a general rule that toys aren’t allowed in mom and dad’s rooms.  Doesn’t always work – but for the most part they obey.

Antique Nightstand Makeovers

I’ve kept the decor on top very minimal, and just pretty.  This is my husbands nightstand so he plugs his phone on there at night and the rest of his reading material goes in the drawers.  We love the clean look.

Antique Nightstand Makeovers

Next up, I found this already painted piece for just 35 dollars.

Antique Nightstand Makeovers

While I usually like that aqua color, it wasn’t suited for this neutral/serene space.  So after a bit of sanding, I applied the same Linen color paint to the piece.

Antique Nightstand Makeovers
Antique Nightstand Makeovers

Then I had fun adding a few pretty things that make me feel good.

This little lamp was at a thrift store for $3.00.  I am pretty sure it’s meant for a little girls room, but I never really grew up anyway 😉

Antique Nightstand Makeovers

Of course, I had to fight my girls for it.

Then I painted a thrifted frame with the same chalk paint, and added an image that holds fond memories for us.  Did I ever mention my husband and I met working on a dude ranch in Wyoming?

Antique Nightstand Makeovers

He is really not a cowboy.  And I am the farthest thing from a cowgirl.  But we had fun playing the part for a summer – and falling in love!

We got hitched a few months after this picture.

Antique Nightstand Makeovers

The bottom shelf is left simple as well.  Just a thrifted vase and an antique store dish that I couldn’t get my mind off of.

Antique Nightstand Makeovers

Finished off with one of my all time favorite photography magazines “Click“, for some down-time reading.  I love that there is no where for me to stack clutter.  It has been perfect and so relaxing.  

There is so much more to show you with this room and I just can’t wait!  It has been my favorite space updates of all time.

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  1. oh wow! this is my ideal dream of a bedroom! So clean and simple, and yet, not minimalistic. I love it!
    I have to lovely nightstands just waiting for me to finish them up, I havent quite decided on what to do with them, but after seeing yours, I am very tempted to keep them just as simple! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. you always do such good work 🙂

    I love your headboard….did you make that and would you share what you did?

    Always love your post(s)

  3. so much sweetness in quieting your room so tastefully! I love it! Do you know which paint retailers carry the new Rustoleum Chalked paint?

    1. It was a ma and pa store called Bennett’s, but they sale mostly Porter Paints, otherwise known as Pittsburgh paints – so you could look for a retailer who sales that paint as well. It cost me 15 for a quart, where chalk paint was 30 at Home Depot. If you don’t need a whole lot, I also like American Decor paint from Hobby Lobby.

  4. I LOVE THIS!!! YOu did such a beautiful job and I am going to be on the hunt for that paint ASAP! Love your blog.