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Build yourself a beautiful piece of furniture with these antique inspired DIY Baker’s Rack Building Plans. Made for your baked goods or to display your kitchen decor and functional baking needs.

DIY Antique Inspired Baker's Rack Building Plans

There is the most perfect little nook in our kitchen that was begging for an antique bakers rack. However, finding an actual “antique” that was the perfect size was near impossible.

What is a baker’s rack lover supposed to do then?

DIY Antique Inspired Baker's Rack Building Plans

Make one, of course! We were inspired by many unique shapes of antique baker’s racks online, and crafted the design to have all my favorite features:


For another experience, come listen to me talk about the baker’s rack and show you on video.


  • Made from beautiful walnut wood
  • Wooden slats for air flow and style
  • Not too high, not too low
  • Cross beams at the top and bottom for strength and visual interest
  • A slight lip on each shelf
  • A supportive bar and a smaller decorative bar on the side pieces
  • Rounded edges on all the wood
  • And so much more!
DIY Antique Inspired Baker's Rack Building Plans

It turned out absolutely lovely! We have the building plans so you can make one too!


Should you want to make your own antique inspired baker’s rack, you want to find a harder wood to work with. Pine, poplar – those are all soft woods and would have made building it more difficult and the overall strength of the piece would not be as good. Walnut and white oak are great options to build a baker’s rack out of.

DIY bakers rack walnut wood

I adore walnut wood, especially when left in its raw form – so that is what we went with. Any sealer, stain, or epoxy definitely makes it darker and richer – but I LOVE the earthy and organic feel to raw walnut wood.

If you think your baker’s rack will see moisture and a lot of fingerprints, it is likely a good choice to seal it somehow.

But if you want the raw wood look – that is a great option too!


The plans are listed in my TIDBITS & Company shop!

Our plans include a PDF with complete materials and tools listed, as well as all the instructions with digital renderings. Also included with the plans is a video walking you through the entire process. This is a great project for intermediate woodworkers.


There are many purposes for having a baker’s rack in your home. Mine was to house some of my mixing bowls, table linens, serving trays – and of course to be a design statement.

DIY Antique Inspired Baker's Rack Building Plans

It just looks so perfect in this little nook to the side of our kitchen cabinets!

DIY Antique Inspired Baker's Rack Building Plans

I also believe it will be perfect to dry and display herbs when summer rolls around. In fact, because there is such great airflow through the slats of the shelves, it would also be a great herb drying rack.

DIY Antique Inspired Baker's Rack Building Plans
DIY Antique Inspired Baker's Rack Building Plans

I really love the pops of creamy whites against the raw walnut wood. I also mixed in more wood tones to play off the wood tones on the baker’s rack itself.

DIY Antique Inspired Baker's Rack Building Plans

Adding antiques to this new piece is actually what helps it feel more genuinely antique. There is certainly a lot of “character” in this little corner – even if we did build it new.

DIY Antique Inspired Baker's Rack Building Plans
DIY Antique Inspired Baker's Rack Building Plans
bowl full of linens on a bakers rack
DIY Antique Inspired Baker's Rack Building Plans

I also put on display a beautiful art print from my vintage art shop. I found this frame for just a few dollars at the thrift store, and the art is super affordable and realistic looking. I think it is lovely!

Art above a bakers rack


Historically and traditionally, baker’s racks are actually used for fresh baked goods – as the name implies. The slats in the shelves allow for airflow so the fresh-baked bread, pies and pastries don’t sweat and get too moist. It also serves as a beautiful way to display the breads – especially if you intend to sell them.

However, the beauty of a baker’s rack can be appreciated in many ways in our modern day homes. They work great in pantry’s or in any corner of the home you can spare. All the open shelving offers plenty of room to display decor and frequently used items that need to be a hand stretch away.

A baker’s rack is truly a handy piece of kitchen furniture!

DIY Antique Inspired Baker's Rack Building Plans

Let me know if you think you have a spot in your home for a lovely baker’s rack! Be sure to check out the building plans here! You may learn some new woodworking skills in the process!

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  1. Hi Cami, I just signed up to get notifications of your posts. You have such a fun but elegant style. I have fallen in love with your entire home. I cannot wait to visit many more posts. May I ask where you purchased your beautiful white mixing bowls please? Lisa from Indiana.

    1. Thank you Lisa! Glad to have you visit. This isn’t helpful but I just find those at antique stores and snag them up. They are so great to bake in.