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It is officially official.

After much debating with myself, and weighing of time and schedules – I’ve decided to re-decorate our Christmas.


The last time I started from scratch with a new Christmas theme and zero decorations, we went with a “way back when” theme.  (You can see that, HERE).  My husband and I had so much fun DIY’ing our way through Christmas decor that went together and flowed from room to room and had meaning for us.  We both truly enjoyed creating an inviting and beautiful Christmas home together.  But those decorations were made in our old home and went with our old home and we’ve been craving a different look for a couple of years now.  One that fits well with our “Cottage Fresh” style and one that we can create with our children who are now older and more aware and involved in what we do.  Christmas decor that fits our family, now.

So, after much browsing and too many late nights unable to sleep from excitement – we’ve decided to create a “Cottage Christmas”  with just a touch of French flare.

To me, that means natural elements, true Christmas red, greenery galore, grain sack and more grain sack, bits of blue  – all brought together with chippy paint, raw woods, textured fabrics and lots and lots of white.

Catch my vision?

Cottage Christmas Inspiration round-up.

I’ve rounded up some Cottage Christmas inspirational images with the links provided.  I’ve noticed the images where “less is more” seem to speak to me.  I don’t like to bring in too much clutter for Holiday decor, just simple touches around the home to cozy it up.

I’m not putting myself on any time deadline, but I do hope to have it mostly done before December gets here, so we can just relax and enjoy all the fun times together.  Of course, I’ll be taking you along for the journey – with DIY tutorials when available and a big home tour at the end.

Now sit back, and soak in the beautiful images below.

Dreamy Whites

 Nordic Farmhouse Christmas-Junk Chic Cottage-How I Found My Style Sundays Christmas Edition- From My Front Porch To Yours

From My Front Porch to Yours

French Larkspur

Hampton Hostess

Sweater Christmas Decor

The Lily Pad Cottage

~weathered clay pots with moss and candles~:


Dreamy Whites

Yes, again – Dreamy Whites.  (I really really like her).

Pinecone Tree:

Country Living

DIY White Fluffy Blanket - The Wood Grain Cottage:

The Wood Grain Cottage

I love this fresh combo: red, white & aqua for Christmas!:

Dreamy Whites on Better Homes and Gardens

Pinecones in the window

Sally Lee by the Sea

I love this gorgeous Christmas decor!

Ella Claire

So what did you think?  Where those not some of the most beautiful Christmas images you’ve ever seen?  I’d love to know if you decorate for Christmas with a theme or simply add to your collection as years go by?  I think Christmas is beautiful and special no matter how you do it!

Feel free to join me on Pinterest where I’ll be pinning away as I see more things that fit a Cottage Christmas theme.

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  1. I love the candles in the terra cotta pots! I’m going softer and more neutral with whites this year too. I used not to theme decorate since the kids liked the hodgepodge look but now that they are grown, I do what I like. 🙂 Mercury glass is my inspiration for this year’s look.
    I think yours is going to look beautiful.

    1. Your plan sounds absolutely gorgeous! I love white and neutrals for Christmas. I really debated doing that myself, but I knew the kids would like a little more color. Perhaps I’ll wait till they are grown too 😉