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Girls Shared Room Refresh

Being the mommy and the blogger – I do take the liberty to make most of the design decisions.  I imagine this will change as the kids get older and have more opinions, but for now – what I say goes 😉

But I thought it would be fun to talk to the kids and get their feelings on how they like their bedroom refresh, which I shared with you earlier.

And what better way to share their thoughts than to hear it from their own cute mouths?

So we made a VIDEO!!

This video is nothing fancy.  I don’t have time to learn how to be a videographer at the moment (sigh), but I hope it is still a fun little perspective into the silly minds of my little ones who share this bedroom together.

Disclaimer – it was Friday, the sun was shining, and they were particularly silly that day 😉

If you haven’t taken a moment to see the details of their bedroom update and refresh, head on over!

Girls Shared Room Refresh

They have really been enjoying the new function of this space.

Girls Shared Room Refresh

We always strive to maximize the function while minimizing the clutter.

Girls Shared Room Refresh

In a small space, that can be tricky to do – but I shared a few of our solutions in my previous post.

Girls Shared Room Refresh

It does bring such joy to my heart to provide a space where my kids can comfortably play and enjoy each other.

Girls Shared Room Refresh
Girls Shared Room Refresh

Thanks for letting me share this bedroom refresh with you and I hope you were able to take a few ideas away from it.

But it appears I need to work on painting rainbows, stars and butterflies on the walls 😉

See you soon!

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  1. They–and their room, are so cute! Maybe you could find some rainbow or butterfly decals at the dollar store that are removable. Or they could paint some themselves on paper for you to frame. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. They were not the least bit interested in making a video but they kindly obliged. They’re darling…by far and away your best work.

  3. Hi Cami! Great video and the girls are awesome! Hope they enjoy the lovely bedroom a lot! kisses from a new Brazilian fan!

  4. Very adorable bedroom. Your video was so cute of the girls. Love their sweet giggles…… Made my morning ?

  5. My favorite idea that I can actually implement (I don’t have a handyman hubby) is the ballet bar in front of the mirror…………Awesomely creative idea!!!
    Thank you! 🙂

  6. Hey girl Love the post! The video was so cute! I really enjoyed watching it! Kids can be so funny! Your girls are so darling!