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Grocery shopping list printable.  The best way to organize your shopping trips.

I have a list of least favorite household tasks to accomplish.

Worse than mopping the floor.

Worse than laundry.

And even worse than cleaning toilets . . .

Grocery shopping list printable.  The best way to organize your shopping trips.

Grocery shopping hits the top.

It’s not like it’s all that strenuous.  I think it has more to do with spending hard earned money on things that will disappear within a few days time.  Yep, that must be why I dislike it so much.

But none-the-less, it must be done.  So I’m here to share something to make the job more pleasant for you and I.  A super cute, organized by type, grocery shopping list printable – for FREEEE!

Grocery shopping list printable.  The best way to organize your shopping trips.

Because the one thing that can make a grocery shopping trip worse, is getting all the way over to the frozen section just to realize that you forgot one more thing in the produce section.

With 4 kids in tow. 🙁

I’ve broken my grocery lists up like this for a quite a while, but I decided it was time to just make a printable so I didn’t have to write it out every time.

Grocery shopping list printable.  The best way to organize your shopping trips.

Grocery shopping list printable.  The best way to organize your shopping trips.

You can keep the list on your fridge and write down things in their correct section, and you are good to go.

And it is cute, ta-boot.

So feel free to print your little heart out and keep plenty on hand and ready to go.  I just ask that you remember these are for personal use only, and not to be sold or distributed in any way.  Thank you and enjoy!

Grocery Shopping List Printable

Grocery shopping is something that we all have to do, but it can be a pain trying to remember everything that you need. This grocery shopping list printable can come in handy in more than one scenario. You can use this list to help yourself save money or to stay more organized, the choice is yours!

What is a grocery shopping list?

A grocery shopping list is simply a list of all the items that you need to buy during your next grocery trip. This can be helpful because it allows you to see everything that you need in one place, which can help you to save money by avoiding impulse buys.

How to Use a Grocery Shopping List Printable

There are a few different ways that you can use this grocery shopping list printable.

Use the Printable As Is

That’s right, you can print out this printable and start using it right away. Just make sure to keep it in a spot where you’ll be able to find it easily when you need it, such as on the fridge or in your purse.

Use It as a Starting Point

This grocery shopping list printable can also be used as a starting point for your own custom grocery list. Simply print it out and then use it to jot down any other items that you can think of that you’ll need.

Put it in a Binder

If you want to get really organized, you can put this grocery shopping list printable in a binder. That way, you can keep all of your lists in one spot and have them readily available when you need them. Plus, it’s easy to add to or make changes to your lists as needed.

Tips for Grocery Shopping Using the Printable

Now that you have the printable, you may be wondering how you can use it while shopping. It’s easy to fill out and bring along with you, but how can you use it to make grocery shopping easier? Here are a few tips.

Utilize the Sections

Shop by section with this grocery shopping printable.  That way, you can make sure you hit every aisle and don’t forget anything. You will LOVE having printable grocery shopping list categories. 

Fill it Out Before You Shop

If you have time, try to fill out the printable before you even head to the store. That way, you’ll know exactly what you need and can avoid making any impulse buys.

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Grocery Shopping List Printable


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Grocery shopping list printable - perfect for organizing your trips to the store.

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  1. Ok, so I always *try* to organize my list, but this will make it so much more simple! And when my husband adds something to the list it won’t get buried and forgotten! Now I just need to recommit to more structured meal planning and I’ll be all set.

    1. Ahh, yes. Meal planning. I am good at it . . . and then I’m not. This list has been working really great for sending my hubs to the store on his way home from work. Hope it will be helpful Liv, and again – thanks for all your support!

  2. I would rather grocery shop than clean my bathrooms. Or do the dishes. Those are two chores that I really don’t like. But I do need the help at the grocery store because I hate wondering over to one area only to realize I forgot something else on the opposite side of the store!

  3. My children are grown and now so are most of the grandies and I still don’t have any inthusiom for grocery shopping… shopping for fabric and other bits and pieces to decorate with an idea I have come up with and my wonderful patient hubby who is my full time carer as well, puts my ideas together for me with never a complaint…………………nor does he complain about doing the groceries these days as I am now in a powered wheelchair and he has learned to cook some wonderful meals and a date loaf that is wonderful.

    I used to take 4 littles shopping for years when he was truckdriving around Australia for weeks at a time and they loved it, we always decided what we would be having for dinner for the next week and wrote down what we needed and then checked the pantry and crossed out what we had and then made a clean list with what we needed and off we went…..I never went without them…..they made it fun but alas they grew up and got jobs and homes of their own and meals for two cut down the fun somewhat but then we had time for DIY and shopping was interesting again…………hubby is s till grocery shopping and cooking and loves it still……..long may he love it…………..

  4. I have been reading your blog for about 2 years and I have never commented until now. I recently put horizontal planks in a bedroom and bathroom in my house (well, I hired someone to do it—I am not a DIY er. I have the same taste as you in decorating and children’s clothes and I am so inspired by you. I am a grandmother of 3 precious grandkids and I have 2 daughters. My passion is sewing (right after loving God, my husband, and my children and grandchildren). Just like you, grocery shopping is my least favorite thing ever, so when I saw this list helper, I wanted to shout “Hooray” and I immediately saved it to my computer and printed some out on my computer! I love love love your new kitchen and I just love your whole house. I want to put some vertical planks in my living room like you did in your younger girls’ rooms and your mud room. I can’t wait to see what all you do to your bedroom. You are such a good mom and wife and your husband is amazing. I can’t believe all the things he can build and do!! Your kids are adorable too. You just seem to have it all together and I am impressed. I know that you have hard days like everyone, but you are just very inspiring. And I love it that you are genuine and can admit that there are things that you don’t love to do—like grocery shopping!! I know the other person who commented was trying to get you to see the benefits of it, but we all know the benefits of it, but that doesn’t mean we will enjoy it any more. And it is very painful when it’s time to pay! Groceries keep getting more and more expensive!! My kids are grown and gone and I don’t miss grocery shopping for them, but I miss tons of other things about when they were young. If I had a personal assistant who did all of my grocery shopping for me, I would still NEVER miss it!! Hope you have a great rest of the week!!! Keep on blogging!! I just love to read it!!

    1. Kim,
      Yes, I know Cami knows the benefits of shopping but sometimes when we have to tackle tasks that we don’t enjoy, and of course, I have those as well, sometimes it helps when someone can help you see them thru “different glasses.” Looking at the positives shopping can bring may bring on a new found appreciation, maybe not love of, a project less popular. I have 3 daughters but never had to take them shopping all at once, let alone 4, but yes, I do miss the days of shopping for smaller children.

      You are so fortunate to have such a beautiful family, Kim and I am wishing I loved sewing like you and Cami-perhaps that is the chore that I love least! We all have our strengths and weaknesses or dislikes but as I said, I was just trying to help Cami and others view the chore of shopping thru different glasses; maybe it won’t seem so unrewarding.

      And Cami, please forgive me for not thanking you for the printout-it’s beautiful. I was just trying to help ease your burden on a chore you don’t enjoy. I certainly don’t mean to offend you or anyone else. Sometimes my mending pile is a mountain or it certainly looks like it-seems less intimidating when I see all you accomplish and with 4 kids none the less!

      1. Oh Kim and Vickie – you are both so very very sweet! I did not take offense at anything that was said, actually, quite the opposite. I was actually having a bit of a downer day just feeling overwhelmed and behind on life, and both your comments lifted me right up! I always always welcome thoughts from others who have “been there done that”. I love reminders to soak in the little ones with all that comes with these years. I forget too often how precious these times are in all the chaos and it feels like such a tender mercy from Heaven when someone helps me take a breathe and see things for how they are. It is true, I probably never will enjoy grocery shopping, but it does help to always remember the importance of spending the majority of our income choosing the best foods for my family. And Kim – thanks for commenting today of all days – and yay for planks and sewing!

  5. Cami! Those “things” don’t just vanish after a few days-they go into growing children that help them to stay healthy, happy, strong and well. They go into busy, loving parents who have a huge responsibility to those children, to their home and jobs. And well, I guess a portion of it goes in keeping all the white in your home, white! It keeps that home clean so those growing little bodies have a healthy environment to live, eat, play and sleep. Those things become transformed into something else, much like a lot of your decorating/remodeling ideas transform something into something else. As your children grow, shopping can become a life lesson to them as well-everyone has to know how to feed themselves and keep their possessions clean. Hopefully I have helped you learn a new way of looking at shopping that doesn’t seem such a fruitless chore. : ) And as an older mother and grandmother, I can promise you this, you are going to miss this someday!