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No need to check the bath section when searching for a shower curtain. Here is a guide on how to use window curtains as shower curtains.

cottage bathroom remodel with bathtub and wooden bathroom counter with sink bowl vanity

One of my absolute favorite features of our cottage bathroom remodel is the flow-y, soft blue shower curtain that puddles on the floor. To me, it really was key to making the bathroom feel relaxing and luxurious.

To get this look, I ended up taking a store-bought window curtain panel (or 2) and made it work as a shower curtain.  I want to show you how easily you can do this.

How to make a store bought window curtain work as a shower curtain.

Can you use regular curtains as shower curtains?

Using a regular window curtain is a great option because there is far more variety of these compared to shower curtains. Trust me, I’ve looked. So I decided to bite the bullet and go and buy some fabric I loved, make it myself, and get a custom look to surround my Joss & Main pedestal tub. (Which is divine, by the way!)

How to make a store bought window curtain work as a shower curtain.

I was actually on my way to the fabric store, but decided to make a quick stop at Bed, Bath and Beyond. For some towels.

I found myself roaming into the curtain section and stopped in my tracks when I saw a lightweight, soft blue sheer curtain panel.

light blue window curtain converted into shower curtain in cottage bathroom remodel

I was originally going to go with white fabric, but once I saw the blue I knew it would be perfect for adding a touch of color into the room.

So I grabbed 2 of the panels and headed over to grab a water proof shower curtain liner, and skipped the fabric store all together.

How to make a store bought window curtain work as a shower curtain.

If I had bought a window curtain that had grommets on the top, inserting it into the shower hooks would have been quick and easy.  But the window panel was topped with a casing, which meant it had no holes for the shower hooks.  I wasn’t intimidated by this, as I knew it would be a fairly quick fix.

My plan of attack was to just sew button holes where the curtain would need to be hung up on the shower hooks.

How to Convert a Window Curtain into a Shower Curtain

I was using a shower liner so the actual fabric would not get wet and ruined.

So I knew I had to line up my fabric panel with the grommet rings in the shower liner.

I just laid them on the floor, lining up the top edges.

How to make a store bought window curtain work as a shower curtain.

The problem I faced, and you might face, is that the width of the window curtain was not as wide as the shower liner.

My shower curtain hangs on a curved rod, so the 5 or so inches that was left of the shower liner, I hung on the center of the curve for both panels. That way it is easily hidden.

How to make a store bought window curtain work as a shower curtain.

If you have a straight curtain rod, you may need to pleat the liner by simply putting two of the grommet holes onto one of the shower hooks which will shorten the width.

If you have a fabric covering the liner, I don’t see that as being a problem.

Then I marked a little notch onto my curtain panel where each grommet hole matched up.

How to make a store bought window curtain work as a shower curtain.

I did this the entire length of the curtain panel.

How to make a store bought window curtain work as a shower curtain.

After they were all marked, I used my sewing machine to make a buttonhole at each mark. You will have to refer to your machine manual to know how to best make a buttonhole. They can differ from machine to machine.

After all my button holes were sewn, it was easy to hang them on the shower hooks over the curtain liner.

How to make a store bought window curtain work as a shower curtain.

I’ve switched from hanging the 2 curtain panels all on one curve and separating them.

How to make a store bought window curtain work as a shower curtain.

I like it both ways.

If you don’t like the puddle at the bottom, you could certainly hem it up to your exact measurements which will give you a nice tailored look.

I hope this has given you some ideas for the next time you are trying to find a shower curtain.

Don’t limit yourself to the bath section!

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  1. Just was looking at my seasonal curtains and want to turn my TABBED curtains into shower curtain with a liner but not sure if the tabs can work with shower hooks and liner? Any suggestions?

  2. That is awesome. It looks more beautiful. I think it is easy to set up by myself. I will try to have the same one for my bathroom. Thank dear.

  3. I read your post entirely and truly liked it. It also gave me very tricky but nice idea that help many of us in their bathroom decoration.

  4. Lovely!! Are these by chance the Kenneth Cole curtains? I’m looking for something similar for my bathroom.

  5. I was trying to figure out how to sew them together… I never thought to have them split, when you do it this way do you end up with water on the floor, seems like you might?? Thanks.

  6. Love the idea, and particularly the rose shower hooks. I see above that you said you got them at Target – got to go and see if I can find some!

  7. Hi! I am remodeling my bath as we speak with a stand alone tub! Wherever did you find the white shower rod? I can only seem to locate tem in chrome!

    Thank you!!

  8. Cami! I LOVE this look! What a great idea! Would love to know where you found those shower hooks? Thanks! You have inspired my bathroom remodel. I love everything you did!

    1. Thank you! I found the shower hooks at Target, and was pretty excited when I did. They are so pretty. Take care!