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It’s that time of year again! Whether you send your kids to school, or you learn at the kitchen table, lunches need to happen. Here are some Ideas to help you organize your school lunch supplies, and sources for my favorite lunch packing products.

plaster containers, lids, plastic silverware, ziplock bags, and small containers organized in a kitchen drawer

When the kids go back to school, mornings can feel rushed and chaotic. However, taking some time to organize your kitchen can help make packing lunches easier. These tips will help you start your day with quick, painless effort. Your older kids can even be taught how to make their own lunches with this system. 

young girl grabs blue lunchbox out of kitchen drawer

Organizing lunch supplies in the kitchen can make mornings go so much smoother!


Get a more personal look into my organization with video!

I’m going to open up and share 4 of our kitchen drawers and cupboards that I’ve used to organize our lunch packing products.

FIRST DRAWER: Plastic Containers and Utensils

The first area you will want to organize is where you store the lunch containers. Whether it’s a sandwich box, or sandwich bags, this will be the first thing you’ll grab when making lunches.

drawer for lunch packing organization

We prefer to use plastic containers because my kids hate smushed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Can’t say I blame them!

These are my favorite lunch packing items that make it easy for my kids to easily grab to pack their lunches:

young boy grabs plaster container from kitchen drawer

The containers are bento boxes that allow you to split up a sandwich from sides like grapes or cheese. I’m not a huge fan of plastic containers but also don’t love the idea of sending my kids to school with glass containers either.

In the drawer, I separate the containers from their lids so everything is stacked neatly – for as long as it will last.

bento lunch boxes and lunch packing organization

Try these disposable portion cups for things like homemade yogurt, applesauce, or peanut butter for dipping apples. I buy them in bulk at Sam’s Club. They prevent messes since you easily dispose of them.

reusable baggies and containers for packing school lunches

There is also a space for washable ziplock bags and plastic silverware. Our family uses plastic forks and spoons because my kids have accidentally thrown away non-disposable utensils on occasion.

SECOND DRAWER: Straws and Napkins

The next thing you will want to make sure to organize is straws and napkins. Make sure they are stored where the lunchmaker can grab them quickly.  

colorful straws and napkins for school lunches

Linked below is where you can find the fun colorful products I’ve used in this drawer.

colorful straws and napkins for school lunches

My kids prefer using straws for drinks and smoothies. They’re also much more likely to use napkins when they’re as colorful as these!

hand is reaching into drawer containing straws, napkins, cupcake liners, and silicone wristbands

You may also want to consider adding some silicone cupcake liners in your lunch making preparations. They are good for separating snacks like cheese cubes, nuts, pepperoni, etc.

Another item to consider adding is  silicone wristbands. You can use  them to color code the cups used at home so your kids don’t mix up their drinks or use more than 1 cup a day. They are great! Our cups sit right by our beloved Berkey water filter.


The next thing you will want to be sure to have organized is your lunch boxes. I have ours in a deep drawer in my kitchen, but you can store yours in a cabinet, or in a box on the counter. The important thing is that they are neatly put away, and easily accessible. 

deep drawer for storing lunch boxes

We have a variety of lunch boxes, but my favorite ones are the EasyLunch Boxes because they fit our EasyLunch Containers like a glove! Bonus: they are super affordable! Don’t forget to add some of  these colorful ice packs to keep lunches cool until it’s time to eat. 

FOURTH DRAWER: Tumblers, Thermoses and Water Bottles

To make sure your child has plenty of water to drink at lunch, or if you send soups, you will want to keep a few tumblers, thermoses and water bottles on hand. 

tumblers and matching lids organized in a kitchen drawer

I’ve found various types of reusable water bottles with lids that come with handles.

reusable water bottles stored in bottom kitchen drawer

They make it easy for the kids to carry with their lunch boxes.

grabbing tumbler for packing school lunches

Here are the links to my favorite drink vessels:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and come away with some great ideas! I’d love to hear how you organize your lunch supplies and what are some of your favorite products.

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