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Treat your loved ones with a picnic to remember! Here are 10 picnic product essentials in a lovely blue, white and wood theme.

Fun Picnic Products

I am joining up with my dear blogging friends for our monthly collaboration – our Simply Home series! Today we all wanted to talk about outdoor entertaining essentials!

Outdoor entertaining is as good as it gets these days, and that can provide many fun and less stressful gathering opportunities . . . if you are all ready for it.

While I am sure my friends will share many elegant and beautiful outdoor dining ideas, I’m taking a more casual approach.

My mind is in no place to entertain the idea of . . . well . . . entertaining. Our home is still a bit chaotic, and it’s not exactly the year of gathering.

But I LOVE the idea of entertaining my sweet family with a delightful picnic! I found the cutest products to purchase for a darling blue, white and wood theme. I predict if I reserve these items just for picnics, they will be so special and beloved by all the family – just like my moms picnic basket was to me.

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing what I found to inspire your own family outdoor entertainment! If you want a more patriotic picnic – just splash in some red!


The perfect picnic starts with the perfect picnic basket! I found 2 I absolutely love – for different reasons.

Here is a beautiful traditional wicker picnic basket. It’s a great price, with plenty of room for yummy picnic food. I like that it doesn’t have fabric on the inside so I could swap out for fun linens whenever I want to. This one is for that romantic, or charming picnic you have in mind.

traditional picnic blanket

For the more practical family picnic, I can’t recommend these collapsable, insulated picnic baskets. I love how easy they are to store. This one in ticking stripes has my heart!

striped collapsable picnic basket


I’m going all practical here, but luckily it passes for super cute too! No more damp bottoms from sitting on damp grass or sand. This compact, waterproof picnic or beach blanket is what my ticking dreams are made of!

waterproof picnic blanket

I plan to keep this in my car at all times for impromptu picnics. These blankets also work great if you find a park picnic table, and you can use it as a tablecloth.


Drinks never fit inside the picnic basket! I love the idea of having a separate insulated bag for drinks. No spilling accidents to worry about!

picnic drink cooler

I’m sure by now, you are catching on to my ticking theme. I’ll never grow tired of these charming stripes.


Fly’s, sand, ants, mosquitoes . . . you name whatever pest is likely to ruin a delightful picnic. I’m determined to get me some of these super charming food tents, to prevent any fun killers.

food covers for picnic

I love that they have lace at the bottom! I think these would be great to keep in the car!


I love the idea of having special picnic dinnerware. It can’t get any cuter or classic than these reusable plastic plates that look just like a good ol’ paper plate – except they won’t collapse when you load up on too much Summer salad.

picnic plates


Bringing home the ticking theme with these small square ticking linen napkins.

picnic napkins

I love that they are a small square just like a disposable napkin. Compact, and charming! You could easily make a bunch of these too!


I searched for awhile for utensils. I really wanted to incorporate bamboo utensils into our picnic. But the truth is – they don’t work that great. Ever tried stabbing a salad with wood? But I found these stainless utensils with some pretty wood handles.

picnic utensils

Even better – they come in a plastic pouch that can be easily washed up when the dirty utensils find their way back in after the picnic. I think they are perfect!


These ones are special, just for our picnics. I love the organic, natural texture of these wheat shade reusable cups.

picnic cups

I won’t have to worry about broken class cups on our picnics!


I always find myself with a need to chop an apple, cheese or sandwich in half on our picnics. I thought it would be really nice to have a small cutting board with cutting tools always inside our picnic basket.

picnic cutting board


Sometimes you can get away with Subway picnics, and sometimes you want to make up a lovely spread of fresh-from-home foods. Having some food storage containers that seal well is very helpful!

I love these glass ones for our everyday home use, but I think they would be too heavy and fragile to pack around on a picnic. I discovered some plastic food containers with metal linings that I really, REALLY want!

These personal sized ones with a wood top would be great for packing up each individual persons picnic food.

picnic food containers

These bigger round ones would be perfect for some sliced up fruit or a fresh salad – or both! You’ll have to check out the Amazon listing to see how cool these stack up.

picnic food containers


I know I said 10 picnic products, but I figured these last 2 were kinda boring, but super handy too! I love these small, compact ice packs to stuff and reuse for any meal on the go.

picnic coolers


Nothing is worse than having to put garbage and slimy banana peels back into your picnic basket. I suggest keeping some of these small rolls of garbage bags in your car and basket. You’ll be amazed how often you use them!

small garbage bags for a picnic

I hope you enjoyed this fun round-up of picnic ideas! I also hope you enjoy many casual outdoor entertaining adventures as possible while the weather is so delightful.

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  1. Not the year for gathering, haha. Yes, so true. I love all these items you’ve picked. Those plates are adorable! And love all the stripes.
    Hugs, Jamie

  2. I love your take on this Cami! So many cute eco-friendly picnic choices! I think my fav is that blanket rolled up with leather!