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I am pretty sure I am going to make you throw up with all the pictures in this one post.
But there was just something about these images.  Something about this girl.  Something about this costume.  Something that just made it so I couldn’t decide which pictures to keep, and which ones to toss.
So I kept all of them.
And I am pretty sure I am going to run out of things to talk about, before I run out of pictures.
So feel free to skip past quickly, or not at all.   I’m doing it solely for my own pleasure.  Hopefully at least this little girls grandma’s will enjoy this mother load of images of her in her Halloween costume.  😉
Though, they certainly put a smile on my face.
Now, mind you . . . it’s not because she is my favorite.
No.  A mother cannot have a favorite child.
Each one of my babies fills my heart to completion.
But a mother can have a favorite costume.
I knew from the moment I envisioned this dress and cape in my head . . . the other costumes (here and here) wouldn’t stand a chance, no matter how much I loved them too.
How could anything compete with that cape, after all?
I believe I have dreamed of having a red satin cape my whole life.
Except, a funny thing happens when you become a mother.
Your dreams are so much more fulfilling when you watch your children experience them.
Why is that, do you suppose?
From the moment I put this finished costume on her tiny body, I felt complete satisfaction.
I would watch her frolic around and she would complain, “Mom, why are you watching me all the time!  I can’t play when you watch me!”
So sorry dear.  I can’t resist.
Luckily, she patiently allowed me to snap picture after picture while she played outside.
I was in camera heaven, if there is such a thing.
Whenever I start a project – whether it be sewing, crafts, or decorating – I always try to imaging what it will look like behind the lens.
Taking pictures of the final project, is for me, almost as rewarding as completing the project.
So, I was soooo happy when she let me do so many pictures!
It is a secret between her and me, that her costume was the one I was most excited for.
When she said she wanted to be Red Riding Hood, my heart skipped a beat!
When I asked her if it could be a “Princess” version, she was all for it.
But in reality, I knew from the start I wanted to make it in the style of Medieval times.
So I started with a simple raglan sleeve top, gathered at the neckline (same pattern as my pirate version, here).  It is made from inexpensive muslin.  I gathered the sleeves in 2 places.  I added some tie strings in the back, to form it to her body.
She is excited to wear this as a nightgown when Halloween is over.
Then I used the same vest pattern that I also used for the pirate Halloween costume, only lengthened it and curved it.  This formed the over-dress, as I call it.
I added some trim that matched her cape, and small loops between the trim and over-dress.
Then I laced up some black ribbon through the ties, just like they used to do in the Medieval/Renaissance times.
She is so comfortable in this dress.  It makes me wish this style had stuck around a bit longer.  Sweet and simple.
Then I sewed up the cape, using a tutorial from Make it and Love it as a guide.  I also glued some scraps into a dollar store basket.  Perfect for candy.
When people ask her what she is (duh), she tells them, “Princess Red Riding Hood”.
She was totally dumb-founded when the dentist asked her on dress up week, if she was a vampire.
She gave me this look, like . . . who’s he kidding?
I tried to explain, that she was probably the first Princess Red Riding Hood there ever was.
She was certain that everyone would want to be her next Halloween after they saw her costume.
I agreed.  I know I do – and the Elsa phase will be over by then.
It’s going to be all about the red satin cape next year.
You wait and see.
I may even make that cape for myself, and see if it comes even close to satisfying me as much as seeing it on her.
But, today is Halloween, and I am so burned out from making my girls costumes – I think I will just get in my pajamas and hand out candy tonight while my husband takes them trick-or-treating.
If anyone asks, I’ll tell them I’m dressed as a totally exhausted mother of 4 kids.
Pretty scary.
And in case anyone is wondering if I have forgotten about my son – I have not.
I told daddy (a loooong time ago), that he was in charge of dressing up his one and only son.
He was all over it, but I have yet to see what that will be.  I saw a fake face goatee show up in the mail.  Since my husband already has a goatee – I imagine that is for our 9 month old baby.
Should be interesting.
Any way – I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!
I managed to chat until almost the end.
And if you are still here –
you must be related.
Or crazy bored.
But thanks – either way!

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  1. Wow! Just wow! Those were just beautiful photos, you did a great job!! The hard part is deciding whether to make this for one of my girls or myself, it’s just too cute!!!

  2. I just loved all of your pictures and that costume is beyond amazing! I just might have to make it for my daughter one Halloween too.

  3. she is very photogenic and the outfit is adorable! I enjoyed all of the photos and even checked out the other pirate and mermaid outfits…sweet girs