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Last time we talked about my master bedroom plans, I showed you inspiring images that have helped me visualize the type of serene bedroom I hope to achieve.  (Go HERE, if you need a refresher).

This time, I want to get a little more “up close and personal” – if you will.

Let’s talk, master bedroom design elements.

It’s all the small things put together to make a big impact.  It’s all the textures, patterns, colors, and patina that make my heart go pitter-patter.  It’s all these elements that I just see in my minds eye, when my eyelids are shut.

Here are some images I’ve rounded up through the years, to make my point.

Lovely old woven baskets, full of imperfections.


Fabric that drapes and flows and puddles.

Tenda in lino LINO SHABBY


Some metal, to man things up a bit.

Antique rare Huge 13" Patisserie FRENCH WIREWARE RACK Hand Crimped Pastry Cooling Rack Wire Base Beautiful props decor bakery rack


Gorgeous, old, tattered, beat-up wood.  Sigh.

LLH DESIGNS: Beauty in the Fields {Marburger}


Soft, under-spoken floral.


House plants to freshen things up a bit.

"Believe it or not, these orchids don't mind being neglected a little," says Vass, making them perfect for some extra ambiance in the entryway without any extra maintenance. The fragrant beauties can bloom for up to three months at a time.<br /><br /><br />


Shades of white, full of texture.

An all-white bed makes mixing patterns and textures easy. This bed boasts at least four different textiles in different shades of white, including lace, matelasse and homespun fabrics.<br /><br /><br />


The iron, the old boxes, the frayed edges, the off whites, the grain sack, the chippy love . . . need I say more?


White and soft blue, topped with that amazing basket.  Perfection.

Eulalie's Sky Milk Paint Cabinet -


Wooden scroll-work, whites, blue/grays, and worn.

DIY Trumeau Mirror tutorial: step by step instructions on how to build your own |


Everything.  Everything in this image.  The glossy pitcher, mixed with the dull wood.  Curved lines mixed with hard lines.  Wood mixed with fabric.  Touch of green in the background.  I need to meet the person who made this picture.  Then she needs to design my room.

Ironstone and French grain sack


Did I mention grain sack yet?  There will no doubt be some in our master bedroom.  I love the simple pattern.  It adds interest without being too busy.


Kind of in love with this vintage cotton image.  I’m sure I can figure out some place for it.

pretty cotton image and font


Bedding with texture.  I can almost feel this picture.



Linen fabric.  There is no fabric quite as lovely. 

old linens


Pleats, ruffles, and ties . . . oh my!


The black iron and French wording.  No idea what it says, but French is always lovely.

ℒ i n e n s  Beachy Cottage or French Shabby Chic, no matter, very nice


Well, my head is spinning with all the possibilities in these elements of design.  Let’s combine a few and see how they look together.

Master bedroom design elements.  Colors, textures and patterns to create a serene living space.

I am excited to try to mix and match these design elements to create the serene master bedroom I have in mind.

Next up – I plan to discuss shopping!  Be sure to come back as I share some products I’ve found to purchase (or DIY) to help complete our master bedroom.

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