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A farmhouse lovin’ reader was stumped on how to decorate her entryway, so I’ve helped her gather some inspiration for either a Modern Farmhouse entryway/foyer or for a French Farmhouse entryway.

Which do you like best?!  I’d love to hear!

I’d like you all to meet my new friend Kristin.

Kristin has an entryway (or foyer – whichever you prefer to call it), and she couldn’t quite figure out how to decorate it.  They had already done incredible wall treatments, and even added a ledge to perch some pictures or decor on . . . but that’s as far as it got.

entryway and foyer

Until lo and behold, she caught wind of my NEW PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP, and submitted her space for me to gather design inspiration to help her discover some new ideas for her lovely home.

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I was giddy with excitement to help her bring this space together.  Talk about some great bones – am I right???

entry way

As much as I would like to, I can’t travel to help her pull it together – but I can hope that these design mood boards will surface some new ideas and help her realize the possibilities of this perfect entryway.

For the rest of this post, I’m going to talk right to Kristin – but every one of you are welcome to read and leave your input in the comments below as well.  Let’s help her out together!

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Hi Kristin!

You ready for some ideas?  I loved seeing the signs of life and little feet in your images.  Let’s consider how to make this entryway a space you will love and that will suit your family lifestyle as well.

You mentioned to me that you love Traditional Farmhouse style.  Yay!  I’ve rounded up a couple of looks with plenty of traditional decor that will stand the test of time.  I’ve also added a touch of modern or a touch of romantic French style.  My hopes behind this method is that you will see how easy it is to add a little bit of personality to each space, while holding on to traditional decor.  I like to do that to each room in my home and it helps me create a more curated look.  For example, my favorite style is Cottage.  I hold onto cottage roots, while letting each space speak on its own, with perhaps a touch of Farmhouse Cottage, or French Cottage, or Country Cottage, etc.  This helps me have fun with my decorating and gives me a bit of creative allowance.  Once you have great bones (like your space) it’s simple to switch up just a few things to give it a whole new vibe when you tire of seeing the same things.  (For more on this topic, read How to Add Character to Your Home).

Alright!  I can’t wait to show you any longer.  Lets take a look at some design elements for a Modern Farmhouse Entryway.

design board for traditional farmhouse entryway / foyer

You mentioned you didn’t know what to do on the walls and that you were unsure of the rug.  Keep in mind, I pulled together other elements like furniture choices and light fixtures, but you certainly don’t need to replace those if you don’t want to.  But my initial thoughts were that the rug and darker/larger bench felt really heavy in this space.  I’ve found smaller areas like this really do well to lighten it up both in color and weight.

THE RUG:  I think you could get away with a smaller rug which would let your beautiful floors shine a bit more.  Keep it running lengthwise with the rectangular shape of the room, but you could get a smaller rug to save money and lighten it up.  I actually found two options of rugs that I liked.  You can see the difference below.

I have to say, I’ve had jute rugs in the entryway before and they are so great at grabbing the dirt and grime before it comes in the house and they hide it well.

design board for traditional farmhouse entryway / foyer

THE BENCH:  I’m linking sources for you (and anyone reading), but I would totally DIY this simple bench, or hire someone to do it for a fraction of the cost.  Benches are great to have in entryways for kids.  This one will take up less space and not feel as heavy.  It has a great traditional farmhouse vibe.

THE BASKETS:  Shoes . . . boy do they add up!  I should know!  I’m kinda guessing here, but I bet you have another spot where you would prefer your kids put their shoes – like a mudroom or off the garage entry.  While you can certainly encourage them to drop their shoes in the right spot . . . they won’t, so keep a cute basket next to the bench to corral those items.  I’d totally look at a thrift store for a basket, and paint the bottom half white.

THE PILLOW AND BLANKET:  A member of our community mentioned to soften the area with a pillow.  I agree.  I thought the cute round pillow would be great to rest on the bench, for a soft landing for a little one, or drape a throw and pillow inside of the basket next to the bench.  Switch the colors of these items during the seasons for instant seasonal decor or splashes of color.

THE LIGHT FIXTURE:  Your fixture is gorgeous, so adding one to the round-up was just for fun.  I liked the farmhouse look with a touch of color on that pendant.  Very simple and clean to help with the modern look.

THE HAND BAG:  Your hooks were just begging for a natural market bag . . . I couldn’t help myself.  Use it for library books, quick grocery store runs, farmers markets . . . or just to make you smile.  That’s what I would do 😉

THE WALLS:  I know you said you added the ledges on the trim so adding pictures and decor would be easier.  I love that idea and look, but I also think if you don’t lift some items off the ledge, you’ll find yourself with too much headspace on the wall.  My thoughts were to pick one wall and hang the mirror with a simple and sleek black frame centered on the wall.  Then perch some signs or frames with your favorite family or travel pics on the ledge in a layered manner.  On the reverse wall, I’d simply hang 2 or 3 black framed and matted images centered on the wall.  I fear too much stacked on the ledges will start to feel cluttered, so balance it well on each side.  I can’t tell the size of the ledges, but their might be room for a simple treasured nick knack to layer with the images as well.

*Be sure to secure the frames, even the ones leaning on the ledges.  I’m seeing visions of flying shoes and balls knocking them down.  Not that we haven’t experience that a time or two 😉


What do you think?!  Do you like the traditional modern farmhouse vibe?

Let’s have some fun and add just a touch of romance to the design, and create a French Farmhouse entryway.

Mood board for a romantic French farmhouse entry way or foyer.

So I added some curves, some gold, a slimmer entry table, and the punch of color in the rug.  Let’s break it down.

THE WALLS:  That mirror, right?!  But hold up . . . check thrift stores and antique stores for something like this.  I usually always see one I could paint or use as is.  But I still like the idea of a rectangular mirror centered on one wall, with a frame and sign layered underneath it on the ledges.  On the reverse wall, keep it simple with a couple of ornate framed images – these are a dime a dozen at thrift stores too.  Just grab paint!

THE TABLE:  I love switching out decor on an entry table.  It’s so easy, quick and packs a punch.  Downsides to a table . . . no where for kids to sit or anywhere to hide the shoes.  I’d still put a basket by the table for the shoes and things, but you might find you love a smaller compact table even more.  It might invite less clutter to gather in the long run – which is my experience.  This table is also one I would DIY.  It would be so easy!  Two boards and two pillars or spools . . . baaammmm . . . a slim entryway table!

THE DECOR:  Whoa Cami!  Not kid proof at all!  I know 😉 . But I’d still head to the thrift store and see what I could find like it.  A cool pedestal bowl for a place to drop mail or keys, and some layered old vases to work the power of thirds – bingo!  I’ve even been known to paint some .50 cent vases for my decor.  I bet you can’t even tell in this post which vases are thrifted (hint . . . they all were).  That way, when (not if) one of them breaks, I don’t even mind.  It’s a cheap lesson to teach the kids to be more careful.  Also, a single vase with some fresh flowers on that table would be stunning.  Keep it simple!

THE BAG:  Ya, it just needs to be on those hooks, preferably next to a old worn jean jacket.  Just saying.

THE FIXTURE:  I couldn’t help myself.  Keep an eye out for a good one while you are thrifting!

THE RUG:  I’m truly convinced I need this rug somewhere in my life.  It’s a beautiful splash of color with such a traditional design.  Again, I’d go smaller and let it play well with the chocolate brown in your floors mixed with the lighter neutrals in the rest of the decor.


Alright Kristin, I gotta know!  Which is your fav?!  Or did I miss the boat completely?  I hope you’ve walked away with some ideas to get you started.

To the rest of my readers, I need you to do 4 things.

1 – Let us know what you would do different or chime in on any of my thoughts.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!  Let me know if you would like to see more like it.

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  1. I agree with Nancy, That bench is just too useful to replace. I would also lighten the front door to visually widen the space. My guess from the rug that is currently there, that Kristin will choose the more modern farmhouse style but I do love that blue rug. I too would like a tutorial on creating a mood board.

  2. I agree that her current rug is too dark and too big for the space. I feel she could still use her current bench, but strip it and have a lighter beige/ white distressed look to it. Baskets that would fit under the bench would be great for storing shoes., and a soft, fluffy decorative pillow on the bench.

  3. I think you did a fabulous job creating 2 looks! I would have a hard time making a choice in her shoes. But agree with other comments: her choice may be based on practicality and the rest of the house..
    I love your suggestions… and creative thrifting 🙂
    i would enjoy seeing more similar posts here on the blog …

    1. Yes, I’m sure she will have to adapt many of the items to fit her availability and practicality. What I like about planning a room out like this – virtually – is it help direct you to items when shopping that will really work, versus wandering like a lost puppy in a store and on the great online abyss. Sure appreciate your thoughts on my post. Glad you enjoyed it because I would love to do more like it!

  4. I like both boards. I think the best way to go would be Kristen’s preferred style. I think #1 is less formal than # 2. I think keeping foyer in same style as the theme of her home. Foyer sets the stage for rest of home.

    1. Oh I so agree Lois! Actually, when I sat down to design them, I was at a loss for a bit. My mind was thinking, but wait – what does the rest of her house look like? What if this looks nothing like the room next to it? But, I had to just go with what I envisioned and hoped it would at least give her some ideas to work with. The foyer is so important, I’ve always thought that! Thanks so much for your input!

    1. You sound like you know what you like! I envy your design confidence. I had to make two boards because I like so much! Ha!

  5. I forgot to add to my comment, I would love love to see a post about how to make our own mood board. Maybe I’m late to the party but I have never seen a post on how to and I don’t know how. Can you help me out with that? I’d love to know. Thanks in advance !

    1. Agree with you on the rug bit. I’ve always wanted a pretty rug like that at my entry, but jute is way more kid friendly. Perhaps why I couldn’t help but do two boards . . . just to live it virtually at least 😉 . I love the little painted chair idea, or just a tiny stool would be great with kiddos.

      Oh! And I never would have thought to do a post on making mood boards! I’ve jotted it down on my idea list and hope to get to it soon! I’d love to share how I make those up. I just use photoshop elements, which is a cheaper and way more user friendly version of photoshop.

  6. I would say a little of both but, her light fixture, is a keeper, old European style. She does need color and market basket and storage for shoes.

  7. Both mood boards look great. But I do love the blue rug. It adds just enough color to the space. For practical reasons the jute might work better depending on the number of kiddos running in and out.
    I’d go French farmhouse and add a small painted wooden chair. There has to be a place to plop the littles down to put their shoes on. Can’t wsit to see which she chooses.

  8. Great mood boards! I’m liking some items on each one…I thrive onbeing able to go to thrift stores and learning how “to see outside of the box”on how to use or repurpose an item!! It’s been so fun! A friend of mine once told me that,”You can see beauty in some of the most ordinary and ugly things!” I count it the best compliment I’ve ever received…Have fun and I can’t wait to see what she does with the entryway!!…uhhh-she’s going to share,right??!!!

    1. Yes, I agree. They each have fun elements. I actually like to put together these mood boards or gather my ideas and then go thrifting to see what I can come up with that is like the items. It helps you come away thrifting with less stuff you don’t actually need. And oh my! Someone once said that to me to, and I’ve never forgot it! We need to hang out more 😉 . I hope like crazy she will share! Would be fun to see it come together. Wish I could go help her!