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I hope you are prepared today, to see the smallest nursery in the history of EVER.

Because, if you are not – you might think I am insane.

Just like my husband thought I was insane for suggesting the idea.

But if you can just prepare your mind for the small and simple things in life, there is a chance you might think I am brilliant.

A very small, minuscule chance.

It’s that one in a million chance, that made me decide to go ahead and post this room makeover.  There just might be someone out there, who lacks an extra room for their baby – but has a closet.

This post is to inspire that person who has very little to work with, that turning a closet into a nursery – can be done!


After all, does such a little person, really need so much space?

closet space into a nursery

Isn’t an adult size arm span, just enough?


And just because it is teeny, tiny – does that mean you can’t decorate?


Well, this post is to prove that it can be done.  No matter how small the space you have to work with, it is possible.  You can make it cute, and you can even find ways for storage.


And your little person will absolutely love it.


Now, let me prepare your mind (again), for the “before” picture.  In my defense, this was just before we were about to rip everything out and open up the space.  When I know a space is going to be re-done, I have a horrible habit of letting it go, completely.

closet into nursery

Yikes.  Right?  This was our master bedroom closet.  I got claustrophobic every time I had to choose what to wear.  I could hardly get to the shelves to stack things nicely – so clothes were shoved in place.  We knew before we even moved in, this closet space had to change somehow.  But it wasn’t until I was about to have our 4th baby, and we were out of bedrooms, when we knew what we were going to do with it.  What happened to our clothes, you ask?  My husband made a large built-in wall closet in our bedroom – and it is 1000 times better!!  (I’ll show you some day).


This closet is in a hallway, which leads to our bedroom on the left of this picture.  If you are thinking, no one wants a baby in their room for too long, I agree.  But, mind you, we are making due.  This option sounded better to me than shoving a baby with noisy older sisters.  Where the nursery isn’t quite in our bedroom, it really hasn’t been too bad.  He has learned to sleep very soundly.  At 1 years old, we can still watch a movie at night in our room, and he doesn’t wake up.


He really seems to like his cozy, dark spot in the house – and sleeps very well.  It has been in the plan to install a sliding barn door along the wall, so we can make it even darker and quieter.  But somehow, after a year, it still hasn’t been done.  (We are working on the kitchen).

As far as clothes go, my husband made these stack-able crate looking shelves, to hold fabric boxes I bought for very cheap.  {Follow this link here:  Winsome Capri Set of 6 Foldable Fabric Baskets, Beige}


I added small chalkboard labels with wood glue.  There is one for accessories, shirts, pants, outfits, spare blankets, and toys.  {Click this Amazon link, to find the mini chalkboard set: New Star 27914 Black Mini Chalkboards, 3 by 4-Inch, Set of 12}

Having small storage options has allowed me to realize that I don’t need to (and can’t)  buy so much for his wardrobe.  I’ve really come to see a baby needs very little, in reality.

We store diapers, wipes, and other things under his crib – hidden by a crib skirt I made from some grainsack panels I found at JoAnn’s.   I made his crib sheets with ticking fabric also found at JoAnn’s and using this excellent tutorial here.


You’ll notice, a changing table is not to be found.  That wouldn’t fit 😉  Our master bedroom is actually a pretty decent size, and we have his changing table/dresser and a rocking chair just placed in our bedroom for now.  This is the only thing I can’t wait to change.  I would like a few less things cluttering our bedroom – but it works for now.  The dresser holds his pajamas and other baby essentials as well.

Once we decided to go ahead with this baby-in-a-closet plan, I was determined to still decorate it and make it as sweet as possible.  It was my first boy, after all.  In this previous post, I showed how we made these “play & display” frames for some of his most treasured daddy-made toys.


My husband made the most perfect space saving shelf with pegs, so I could hang his baby blessing outfit, made from Grandma.  We also keep his “binkie basket” hanging there for close keeping, and some stuffed animals he received when he was born.


I think it is super important, when working with small spaces, that you avoid as much clutter as possible.  Just keep things sweet and simple.


I made a burlap star banner to hang above his crib.  I didn’t want anything that could pose a hazard, such as glass frames and such, if they fell down into his crib.


My husband also made this miniature ladder, where I can hang blankets when needed.


I like to hang his star gauze blanket I made for him, when he was still in my belly.


And that pretty much completes this tiny space “tour”.  It has worked very well for us.

Turning a closet space into a nursery

But, I must know what you think?  Have you ever had to “make-do” with a small space like this?  Have any tricks to share for how to make the most out of limited square footage?

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  1. Love this and thinking of doing the same. Thanks for sharing!
    Can I ask what the ventilation is like? I’m wondering if adding an air purifier would make it suitable or if we will have to put in a window.

  2. Hi Cami,
    Thank you for this post. We are expecting our 5th, and for some reason spending 20K to have professionals finish a basement bedroom didn’t feel right. After some good guidance and a better look at feasible budgets, we decided that building another room just wouldn’t fit the money bill. Our walk-in closet that my husband teasingly suggested a while ago was sounding more and more like what we just might end up doing. I love your set up and it looks great. By the way, I swear I know you from somewhere! A ward in college?…same major?

  3. I have a much bigger space and am able to do a lot of built ins around the area where I want the full sized crib to go. It is going to be a semi large project but totally worth it in the end. My three sons will all have their own space until they get to be suitable ages where my two younger sons can share a room. We have many more projects to come in this house (ex.: building the on-suite to our room inside the closet, renovating our kitchen, updating the second bathroom, and adding much needed storage to my front room for my sons, as well as other smaller tasks). This closet made room is lovely.

  4. I love this! We just moved across the country, and found(surprised actually), with a Mirena baby. We moved into a small 2 bedroom apartment due to time constraints.
    But, luckily, we have a decent size walk in closet, that we definitely didn’t need the room for our clothes after getting rid of so much so we could move in 2 weeks’ span. My daughter has been loving helping Mommy plan, organize, and decorate the new mini nursery. We found a mini crib and though we’ve never had a changing table, it came with one.
    I can’t wait to really get going on it. I love the simplicity and sweetness of yours!

  5. This is awesome!! I’m expecting and was trying to figure out how to change my gym room into a nursery. It’s not that big, just holds a treadmill and a punching bag. This will help me so much to conserve space!!! Thanks for sharing the awesomeness!!

  6. I love this nursery… and yet all my children are already adults. Oh well. Charming. How clever and your style is fantastic. I’m a bit of a decor snob and I love every single thing about this nursery. Excellent job!!

  7. I love it! We live in a really small house with four kids, so I’m always trying to find ways to make the space we have work. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow…love love love your ideas and thriftiness! I found your blog via Hometalk and have been browsing old posts for the last 30 minutes. You are amazing….seriously!

    I think this closet nursery is perfection!

    Love the wooden tool toys and how you displayed them.

    Love everything!

    You have inspired me so much this afternoon. I rarely comment on any blog, but just had to!

    1. What a wonderfully flattering comment you left me! I almost feel bad for stealing 30 minutes from your day 😉 I so appreciate you taking the time to leave that comment. What a boost it gave me! I enjoy what I do, but it is good to know others are inspired as well . . . for that is the purpose of my blog! Have a wonderful day!

  9. Hi Cami,
    I don’t normally comment but really felt the need to today. You are so talented, I love coming to your blog and I always look forward to your posts on Instagram. I have followed your renovations and love every room so far. I can’t wait to see what you are up to in your kitchen! Keep up the amazing transformations. What you did with your closet just looks spectacular.

    1. Simone – your comment was so very sweet, and really made my day. Its always nice to know you have actual followers out there who appreciate your work. Thank you so much for always stopping by! That makes me so happy!

  10. I didn’t realize until my 3rd, which was a boy after 2 girls, that babies really don’t need all those clothes that I really thought they did. And sometimes it takes trying to make a small space work to figure it out. 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more! My girls had so much clothes due to hand-me-downs and outfits I couldn’t resist buying. Babies grow so fast, if you have too many, they wear them only a couple times. Less is definitely more, in this case! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. They always make my day!