I truly took the time to wrack my brain, get creative and came up with five themed gift basket ideas that I hope your grandma will cherish.

With these ideas, I hope it’s a little easier for you to craft the perfect gift for grandma, especially if you’re a last minute shopper like many of us!

THE BOOK LOVER GRANDMA For the grandma who loves to read and would choose to stay home and curl up with a good book, any day.

PAMPER GRANDMA For the grandma who could use a little care and spoiling! Pamper grandma with all sorts of luxury from chocolate to fulfill her sweet tooth to new plush towels!

LOTS OF LOVE FOR GRANDMA If you just want to show grandma lots of love, here are some personalized gifts that will mean the world to her. The more thoughtful, the better!

BAKING GRANDMA For the gatherer grandma who loves to cook, bake, give her some new beautiful baking goods to replace ones she probably has had for many years.

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