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Now, if I were to ask you who is the hardest person to shop for and give gifts to – who would that be? For me, it’s grandma, whether that is my mom or mother-in-law or my sweet 90 year old grandmother. If you are in the same boat, find inspiration with these unique gift basket ideas for grandma – beautiful basket included!

several gift basket ideas for grandma that have different themes based on her interests

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I truly took the time to wrack my brain, get creative and came up with five themed gift basket ideas that I hope your grandma will cherish.

Grandparents in general are particularly to find gifts for, because in our eyes, they might have everything they need, and if they need something – they go and get it themselves. They are not likely to ask their children or grandchildren for something.

I think most grandmas just love to feel loved, thought about, and they appreciate any creative effort on their behalf. That means your gift should be a little more thoughtful, perhaps take a little more intentional time and effort. This is why I put a theme to each gift idea – so perhaps you can tailor your unique gift to the grandma in your life, just by knowing their interests or what might mean the most to them.

Be sure to check out our list of over 20 brilliant DIY Christmas gift ideas! You can easily include some of these gifts in the gift baskets listed here. Another one of these DIY gift baskets will make the perfect present for grandma!

5 Themed Gift Basket Ideas for Grandma

Here are the five themes we came up with for each of these gift baskets:

  • The Book Lover Grandma
  • Pamper Grandma
  • Lots of Love for Grandma
  • The Baking Grandma
  • The Homebody Grandma

With these ideas, I hope it’s a little easier for you to craft the perfect gift for grandma, especially if you’re a last minute shopper like many of us!

You might even be able to think of more based on the interests of your Grandma, but these are the five ideas that got me excited to bring together. It really is helpful to come up with a theme so you can gather items that make a thoughtful gift.

1) The Book Lover Grandma

For the grandma who loves to read and would choose to stay home and curl up with a good book, any day.

gift ideas for the book lover

Let me show you gift ideas for the Book Lover Grandma – this one I created definitely with my mom in mind.

Container: I found this darling antique book basket and it fit everything perfectly. You could also put all the contents and adorable books of the gift inside a library tote bag.

2) Pamper Grandma

For the grandma who could use a little care and spoiling! Pamper grandma with all sorts of luxury from chocolate to fulfill her sweet tooth to new plush towels!

pamper gift basket idea for grandma that includes flowers, chocolate, towels, and skincare products

Container: I went for a large wire basket that could be used as a toilet paper holder, towel holder, garbage bin and more.

  • Soaps – You could hand make some soap, or I love Bend Soap Company products. You could also make some DIY bath bombs or purchase bath salts along with some essential oils she can enjoy a bubble bath!
  • Hand repair Burts Bees
  • Big plush towels – These gorgeous towels are a dream!
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Hu Chocolate – My new favorite sweet treats! Clean and guilt free chocolate.
  • Gourmet snacks
  • Sachets or linen lavender eye pillows would be great. I sell them in my TIDBITS Linen shop.
  • Hand lotion or body lotion or even body butter!

3) Lots of Love for Grandma

If you just want to show grandma lots of love, here are some personalized gifts that will mean the world to her. The more thoughtful, the better!

Container: An inexpensive department store basket – she will likely toss.

  • Cards made by kids for a personalized touch – I keep card making supplies handy for my kids at all times.
  • Chatbook – I gathered 5 images from each of my siblings and quickly made a darling Chatbook.
  • What I love about grandma books – Have the grandkids fill this one out!
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Storyworth Subscription
  • Jars
  • Mentos – My mom is well known by the grandkids as “Grandma Mento” because she always has mentos for them! I upgraded her containers and filled her stash. You could do this for a cookie jar, mint jar or whatever your grandma loves to have as a treat for the kiddos.

4) Baking Grandma

For the gatherer grandma who loves to cook, bake and have everyone over for special occasions. Give her some new beautiful baking goods to replace ones she probably has had for many years.

baker gift basket idea for grandma that includes measuring cups, a rolling pin, a wooden spoon, and towels

Container: It might be fun to gift this inside a new mixing bowl, but I found a tin bucket that can be used for many things.

baker gift basket idea for grandma that includes measuring cups, a rolling pin, a wooden spoon, and towels

5) Homebody Grandma

She loves her home! Help her spruce it up and cozy it up with some new lovely items for her home.

Container: She loves her home, so get her a basket that fits her style that she can use many ways. You can never have too many baskets.

I hope you enjoyed these gift basket ideas for grandma and came away knowing exactly what you need to gift your grandma or moms, for birthdays, mother’s day, holidays or whenever you want her to feel special and loved.

What are your favorite gift baskets? If you have some good ideas of your own, will you please share them in the comments with all of us, so we have plenty of ideas to pull from when needed.

Make sure you check out more of our DIY gift ideas because I truly believe they make some of the best gifts!

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