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Be inspired to bring the Holidays back to simplicity! Let me show you our old fashioned Christmas tree decorating ideas! We cut this Christmas tree from the mountains and decorated with handmade and natural ornaments reminiscent of a “Little Women Christmas”.

Old fashioned Christmas tree with dried oranges, cranberry garland, pinecones and rustic ornaments

I’m glad you are here to see what our Christmas tree looks like this year! If you would love to experience with us what it was like to cut down the tree from the mountains and decorate it with the family, I created a video sharing it all! I think I will treasure this video for life!


Cutting down our tree is our favorite family tradition! Even for Mr. TIDBITS who has to do all the heavy lifting!

cutting down a christmas tree from the mountains

I also truly enjoyed wrapping us all up in old fashioned pajamas and taking our family pictures around the tree.

parents and four kids taking a family portrait in front of the Christmas tree

This was my Christmas gift to myself, and I will enjoy making our Christmas cards out of these photos and adding them to our Christmas memories books.

dad and four children gathered around the Christmas tree

My Christmas theme this year is inspired by a “Little Women Christmas”, hence the white pajamas, shawls and cheesy poses.

mom and four children gathered in front of the Christmas tree
young girl holding a lit handle in front of a decorated Christmas tree

Old Fashioned Christmas Decorating Ideas from Our Home to Yours!

I decided it would be fun to see if we liked our big tree at the end of our hallway this year.

Old fashioned Christmas tree placed at the end of a hallway with two chandeliers hanging from the ceiling

We recently finished all the trim and paint in our hallway, finally completing something I’ve waited to do for a long time! We are just building and finishing each space in our pole barn home, as time and money allow.

Old fashioned Christmas tree placed at the end of a hallway with two chandeliers hanging from the ceiling

The glow at night is quite dreamy, with or without all the hallway lights on. It’s been really fun to have it by the bedrooms and my kids love the glow of the tree shining in their rooms as they drift off to sleep.

Cavapoo puppy laying down underneath the Christmas tree

This year, we’ve added the most adorable Cavapoo to our family, and even our sweet Teddy loves to sit by the tree. Of course, it’s also because of him that we can’t put any edible items at the bottom of the tree, like the dried oranges and cranberries.

Christmas gifts that are wrapped with sustainable materials underneath the Christmas tree

Thankfully he has left the gifts “mostly” alone. I opted to get some simple packaging paper in black, red and brown to wrap all the gifts and tie them with string. It’s very simple and elegant, and was extremely affordable.

wooden train under the christmas tree

I placed our little wooden train that I thrifted last year at the base of the tree, which is a sweet little addition that my son loves to fill with his toys. So cute!

Old fashioned Christmas tree with rustic Christmas ornaments with a wooden train placed at the base of the tree

If you saw my “Old World European Christmas” decor from last year, not much has changed as far as what we put on the tree. But if feels new and fun because of where we put it and what we have added to the rest of our house. I’ll hopefully be done decorating and be able to show you soon!

Red ribbon tied on Christmas tree with dried oranges, cranberry garland, and pinecones

My favorite touch is always the sweet linen ribbon bows with long tails. I think it feels so perfectly “Little Women” inspired. I sell all sorts of linen ribbon colors in my TIDBITS Linen shop!

Old fashioned Christmas tree with dried oranges, cranberry garland, pinecones and other natural decorations

I hope you enjoyed seeing our Christmas tree this year! If you want more details, I go into great detail on each ornament and our fun experience cutting down the tree this year in my video. Hope you’ll take a minute to watch with me!

I’ll leave you with sources and ideas. Thanks for reading!

Old Fashioned Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

If you love the look of our Christmas tree, here is a list of the items below that you can use to create your own old fashioned Christmas tree! They’re perfect ideas for natural Christmas decorations.

For more Christmas tree decorating ideas, feel free to take a look at our old world European Christmas decorations, our colorful Christmas tree, and this beautiful Victorian farmhouse Christmas tour.

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  1. Such a beautiful view down that hallway…the train, the long linen ribbons, that pup! Feels like a true home, not just a showpiece! Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi, Cami, can I please just move in, lol. As stated before I do so love you and your sister blog. I just loved watching your video and wished I would of got to do this with my children when they were young. Your tree is beautiful and I can’t say enough about your pictures. I have to say the part of your video where your reading to your children would make a wonderful photo. Little Women one of my all time favorites and my daughter’s also. Please can I at least be your sister 😁 And a Jesus filled Christmas to all!!