It’s amazing what a coat of paint did to these 3 old bookshelves we snagged for a steal from a seller on Facebook Marketplace.

HOW DO YOU REVAMP AN OLD BOOKSHELF? It was made with cheap 70’s laminate fake wood, so I knew there was no way I could make it a pretty natural wood piece. The best option was to paint it.

HOW TO CREATE A BOOKSHELF MAKEOVER WITH PAINT For this piece, I wanted to compliment the grays in the room, but not add to it, so I picked this perfectly balanced greige color called “Pebble Stone”.

It might look a little too muddy in a room without a lot of natural light, but I think it is a gorgeous color in our light-filled room.

And here she is, painted and styled. After removing the doors, I decided I liked all 3 without the doors.

The lower cabinets are perfect for storing our sewing supplies and other random things we don’t want to look at.

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