Darling Cookie Cutter Stamped Christmas Tea Towels the whole family can enjoy making for some fun DIY Holiday gifts.

Let me show you how simple it is to make some cookie cutter stamped tea towels & you can enjoy making them yourself, or the whole family to create their own fun designs to gifts for the Christmas Season.

SUPPLIES FOR CHRISTMAS TEA TOWELS: -Tea Towel or flour sacks -Fabric paint -Cookie cutters -Paper plate -Brush -Garbage bags

Instructions First up, prep your area by laying out some garbage bags to protect your surface.  Then open up the tea towel and lay it flat on top.

Next, pour some fabric paint onto a paper plate.  You’ll want enough that it covers the length and width of the cookie cutter, plus some.

Then it works best to take a brush and even out the paint on the plate.  Make sure the paint is kind of puddled up on the plate vs just a painted paper plate – if that made any sense.

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