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Darling Cookie Cutter Stamped Christmas Tea Towels the whole family can enjoy making for some fun DIY Holiday gifts.  Free printable label wraps available and a video tutorial!

*This project is part of my seasonal blog series called “Handmade Holidays” where I’m sharing oodles of DIY gift ideas for anyone on your list.  This post and video is sponsored by my all time favorite place to buy cleaning supplies – Grove Collaborative. Hang tight and I’ll tell you more about them and their awesome FREE product offer for my readers!



Truthfully, when I had this idea, I wondered if it would end up looking like a 5 year old did it.  I mean, artistic painting has never been my strength and this probably sounded too easy.  How delighted I was when my cookie cutter stamped tea towels turned out sooo cute!  In fact, I bet a 5 year old could do it!

So let me show you how simple it is to make some cookie cutter stamped tea towels and you can enjoy making them yourself, or round up the whole family to create their own fun designs to gift to neighbors, grandparents, teachers and friends for the Christmas Season.

I also hope you’ll enjoy this peak into a dear friends beautiful kitchen in her new home!  She was so kind to let me “borrow” her home for my photo shoot.  I mean, those light fixtures, flooring, countertops . . . sigh!!


Before we dive into the tips and tricks for successful cookie cutter stamped tea towels, I’d like to give you a few ideas for packaging and gifting them.


You could easily wrap or tie the towel up with ribbon or string, but I went ahead and made these free printable gift label wraps, which you simply print, tape and insert your towel to gift.  

It adds a special touch to the gift and gives you a place to write who it is to and from. You can grab this free printable in my TIDBITS SUBSCRIBER LIBRARY, and feel free to use it for any gift you give!  (I printed mine on brown craft paper).

gift label wraps

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We plan to gift a lot of these affordable tea towels to neighbors and friends, but to make it an extra special gift for relatives and grandparents, I thought it would be fun to combine the towel with some Mrs. Meyer’s seasonal scented soaps and sprays.  I love the Peppermint scents, but the other delicious Holiday scents right now are Orange Clove and Iowa Pine. All of them are like Christmas in a bottle!


Grove Collaborative is the perfect place to buy Mrs. Meyer’s products (among many other wonderful products) because they stock a variety of scents at incredible prices.  Not only that, but their freebie offers are unbeatable.

I’ve been hooked on Grove for about 3 years now, so working with them is a dream!  They are a monthly delivery service, but what makes them special is they source natural and better for your home and body products, so when I’m not sure what to buy – I can rest easy knowing Grove has done their homework on what products are better for my family.

I know about when we will need more toothpaste, toilet cleaner, dish soap, laundry soap, etc – and have it shipped right to my door from Grove.

I really adore their Grove branded products and they constantly put out such useful and adorable items like this darling seasonal red caddy (which would be perfect to gift with the stamped towel) and Grove sink tray.

Ok, now brace yourself!  They have the best freebie offer I’ve seen to date for new customers!


Sign up for Grove today with my special link below and you are going to get all for FREE:

    • Mrs. Meyer’s holiday hand soap
    • Mrs. Meyer’s holiday dish soap
    • Mrs. Meyer’s holiday multi-surface spray
    • Grove red caddy (New!)
    • Grove walnut scrubber sponges

To top it off, spend $39 or more and you also get the sink tray for free!  This is really an amazing deal but it only lasts from November 1st – November 6th, so be sure to grab it if you are interested.

(If you missed the dates, go ahead and click over and see what other offer might be waiting for you!)

If you are already a loyal Grove customer, like myself, you can also use this link and claim your FREE walnut scrubber sponges.  In fact, there is usually always a “buy so much, get this for free” deal – which I love because it allows me to try new products at no extra expense.  

Go ahead and click the link below to check out all Grove has to offer and stock up on your Mrs. Meyers Holiday scents for yourself or gifting purposes.



This project is really so easy, it hardly merits a tutorial, but I did learn a few tips for success while making my towels.


  • Tea Towel or flour sacks
    • Readily available in craft stores, Walmart, or Amazon in bulk)
  • Fabric paint
    • Any color, which can be found in craft stores or here online.
  • Cookie cutters
    • Go mini or big!  Grab what you have or cruise the baking stores to find some unique ones, like I did.  The cute gingerbread man was a unique find.
  • Paper plate
  • Brush
  • Garbage bags

First up, prep your area by laying out some garbage bags to protect your surface.  Then open up the tea towel and lay it flat on top.

Next, pour some fabric paint onto a paper plate.  You’ll want enough that it covers the length and width of the cookie cutter, plus some.

Then it works best to take a brush and even out the paint on the plate.  Make sure the paint is kind of puddled up on the plate vs just a painted paper plate – if that made any sense.

Then you will simply dip the cookie cutter into the paint, trying to get an even coverage, then stamp it right onto the towel, pressing evenly around before you lift up the cookie cutter.

And that’s how easy this project is!  Feel free to get creative with your design and pattern and have fun making your own custom stamped tea towels.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this project, and I really hope you’ll take advantage of this incredible offer by Grove Collaborative.  Now all that is left for you to do is make a list of anyone in your life who would love a cookie cutter stamped tea towel – and be sure to make one for yourself!


I’ve got more DIY gift ideas comin’ at ya this season, so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter updates so you won’t miss a beat.  Thank you for reading and keep following along for more inspiration for do-it-yourself living.

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  1. Ordered my supplies to make these for gifts for teachers at my grandsons school..he’six so of course he’s going to help me!! Was wondering if you washed the towels before stamping? Hope ours turn out as cute as yours! Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Happy holidays?

  2. Cami! This is such a great idea! Thanks! I just made some and it couldn’t have been easier! The paint I used says to wash after 72 hours. I’m just curious if you washed yours before gifting them?

  3. Well I can see where you might worry that this is a kid’s project but it doesn’t mean it is less than AWESOME! Who cares? I think this is a wonderful gift for teachers as well as friends, etc for a nice, usable gift! Thank you for sharing!

    1. So glad you think so too Vickie! Someone told me they wanted to do it after Thanksgiving dinner for anyone who wanted to make them. Perfect for all ages, and I thought that was such a fun idea.

      1. What a great idea! Something to help keep the kiddos busy while dinner is getting pulled together and adults can join in on the fun, too! My Thanksgiving list just got a tad longer with this idea but it’s early enough in the month to make it a reality.

    1. Yes, the back of the fabric paint label usually says the best way to set the paint. I’ve never had a problem with using fabric paint, and it washes like a champ!

  4. Great gift ideas! I do love the gift tags that you put around them. I am giving a scarf to a friend for her birthday so I am going to make one for that to make it look fancier.

    1. Oh it made me so happy to hear that! I’ve been so worried I am talking Christmas gifts way too early. But there has to be others out there like me that want to get it done so December isn’t so stressful!

    1. Valid worry Judy! But fret not! If you use fabric paint and follow the directions on the bottle you are good to go. I’ve used it so many times and it washes like a charm. You can also use any kind of paint with a fabric paint medium (Martha Stewart has a good product for that) and that works too. Gives you a bit more options in the color department. Enjoy!

  5. This is adorable! I was going to make everyone candles but now I’m thinking of these because you can never have too many dish towels! Thank you so much!

    1. Well the candle idea is way cute too! We did that one year. But yes, you can never have too many dish towels! Glad you liked it Ramona!! (I’d probably go with what came out cheaper . . . but I’m cheap like that!)